Need to replace my Totem Acoustic Arros

Hey guys,

I’m on the market for a new pair of floorstanders. My Totem Arros are great but I am looking for something more. My criteria is as follows:

Will be in a small-medium size room(s)
Must be floorstanding
Must be efficient enough to be driven with 20-30+ watts (possibly tubes)
Must obviously best the Arro in most regards
Looking for something that is refined and organic sounding

I am starting to listen to music with more scale and want something that can keep up with the dynamic swings of classical music. Yet, I listen to a lot of chamber and folk music along with a decent amount of jazz.

Budget is $3,000 new or used.

Speakers cannot be Totems. I've owned just about every Totem on the block and I am looking for something different.
Vandy's are power hungry.
I'd second Coincidents. 7 watts is plenty with them, very detialed, accurate, fast and beautiful.
thanks guys,

I listened to the Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-3 today and I was BLOWN away by the sheer musicality it provided. Organic to the core. I might have found my perfect loudspeaker!
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It seems like you've gained a ton more listening experience since I last saw you.

It'll be interesting to hear what you've had in your house in the 2 1/2 years I've been off the 'GoN. Especially, since I'm gonna starting buying again soon.