Need upgrade advice on cd player direct to amps

Hey everybody. Looking for some advice. I'm intrigued by the cd players that have built in volume control that will allow you to run directly into your amp(s) instead of running through a preamp. I have my eye on the Wadia players, particularly the 861 or the new 581. I would also be interested in other brands of similar quality and reputation.
My current rig consists of:
Rega Saturn cdp with custom base from Silent Running Audio.
Cary SLP98L F1 linestage with NOS Sylvania 6sn7 431GT tubes. This also sits on a custom SRA base.
Odyssey Stratos Extreme Monoblocks.
PS Audio P1000 ac regenerator.
2 pairs of MIT Oracle MA rca interconnects.
MIT Magnum MA speaker cables.
All power cords are MIT Oracle Z3 except for the cord on the P1000 and that one is a PS Audio xStream Statement.
T6 MK3 SE speakers from Chapman Audio Systems.
This is a system that really sounds good and will caress you gently or kick the living crap out of you and I'm not trying to fix anything...only trying to get closer to the music which I can do by going directly into my amps instead of into a preamp first.
Does a move like that make any sense to you guys?...and if so, what high quality players would you recommend? I'd like to keep the cost around $4000.00 or so if possible. Could go higher for the right piece however. If I make this move, I would like for it to be the cat's meow and not the cat's hind end. Like I said, there is nothing wrong with my system. I'm just always looking for ways to tweak it. All advice and recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
I am doing it and like the way it sounds in MY system. My first go around was with a Wadia 861, which was good but not great. Audio Aero Capitole mk2 was my answer. Fantastic detail with no edge or glare. No listening fatigue of any type. I think going direct is very system dependant and you have to try it to see if it works for you. My system: Art Audio PX-25, Audio Aero Capitole mk2, Verity Audio Fidelio's.
I had an Audio Aero 24/192 (second generation version) and predecesor to the MK 2 which Itsalldark refers to above. It was a really beautiful sounding analog like player. They come up on 'gon ocassionally for $2k-$2500.