Neil Young calls out Tidal

TIDAL is calling their files of my songs Masters. But TIDAL’s MQA files are not my masters. I make my masters - not TIDAL. I made my masters the way I wanted them to sound. If TIDAL referred to their titles as TIDAL MASTERS, I would have no problem, but they don’t. They call them Masters. I had my music removed from that platform. They are not my masters.”.

Hmm well no Neil Young on Tidal is a big downer. It’s not such a big deal. Just work it out IMHO. Call it whatever makes everyone happy. As long as it’s there and sounds good. Nobody really cares about the politics.  Everyone needs a chill pill. 
I have always loved Neil Young’s music. Him personally, meh. But I don’t get it. It seems like he’s ranting over semantics. 
Several years ago I met Mr. Stuart at an audio show introducing TIDAL. I had a question. Since the bitrate supported, speed and bandwidth of the interweb was increasing exponentially, and solid state storage was shrinking in price, I asked him how long it would be before true hi resolution master files could be streamed natively. I also asked him when that day came, what would that do to his business?
He had no answer then. Today, reality is pressing on his business. I guess that is the answer.
After NY's recent 50th Anniversary "reissue" (with a small "r") vinyl, and its lame price, plus promoting it on Qobuz as a reissue to get plays, well, I was pretty much done with him.  What will he stoop to next to make more stinkin money?   IMHO, this is pretty messed up.  What a freakin marketing deal this is.  Old Hippy?? Really?  He's a walking contradiction.  I've got most all his vinyl I bought in the seventies and eighties, so I'll just enjoy those.  I'm glad I bought them, and I love his old music.
Kudos to Mr. Young. It’s not about the quality of the file or the format. It’s about misrepresentation. When someone says it’s the Master, it should mean The Master, not some version of the Master. That "semantic" plays into getting more people to download the music than without it, which profits the company. I’m on NY’s side.