Neil Young Concert tonight - free streaming

Neil Young Concert

Streaming details here.

Outside of Canada

For people living outside of Canada, the concert will be live streamed on Facebook (the Facebook stream will not be available to Canadian residents) — visit this link for details.

Still has his voice. 
Streaming through the stereo is too much delay so wearing the headphones for this through the laptop. .  

"Still has his voice" ! ;-). I kid; Neil doesn't have much of an instrument, but it's an expressive one, and very unique. I have recently finally heard his best song, "Powderfinger". Love it!
Powderfinger is a great song Eric.  

I really like the Cowboy Junkies rendition of it on the Caution Horses album. 


Margo is easier on the eyes too - 8^0

150 lucky people in Omemee last night. 
I remember catching my first Musky in the 70's on one of the nearby lakes.  :^). 
When it came time to mix the tracks of his first album, Neil was somewhat insecure about his voice, and placed the vocal track down "into" the mix. Early LP pressings of the album contain that mix. With the reaction to the album---very positive---he reconsidered, and went back in and did a second mix, this time with his voice riding higher. All subsequent LP pressings contain that second mix. I don’t know how one can identify LPs containing the original mix. I like vocals low in the mix, not just of Neil, but in general. One thing I dislike about The Beatles records is how far "above" the instruments are the vocals---very Pop. George Martin was not a Rock ’n’ Roll producer.
I like when artists discuss stories about their instruments.
Setting up the harmonica on his chest stand, he equated the noises he was making with it initially, to spanking a baby when it is born .....bringing it to life !

The many guitars on the stage had names. He discussed how "Hank" had two wood patch sections that were different from a .......bullet than went in "here" ........and left "there" .......  8^0  

I did want him to get into more detail about how the one guitar got that "high heel" mark