Neil Young/ CSN new vinyl releases

I know these are brand new, but just wanted to see what everyone thought about them. I have found that Everybody Knows this is Nowhere is really hard to find in nice condition used. I am looking forward to these, as they are pressed at the Pallas plant in Germany. I believe some of the Pure Pleasure releases were pressed at Pallas, and they have impressed many including myself. I am also interested in the CSN (debut) album, and the David Crosby solo album, although I can't remember it's name. That was my stupid Thanksgiving joke. I would think the CSN/Crosby will ultimately be compared to the Classic releases, of which CSN is the one I own.
Are all these 4 the same as the upcoming box set?

Fremmer on his musicangle website comments the 140g aren't nearly as good as the box set 180g new reissues.

I want to order the best sounding copies ...
Ahh- a box set. I was not aware that there was one on it's way. I will research it. I wonder if it contains the same four albums. I may just go ahead and order at least one of these though. Jfech, I believe these were actually 180gr though. I will double check that as well. Jaybo- pretty impressive that you've heard them all, Thanks.
The 140g individual releases are sold at the usual internet outlets, MD, ED, AS to name a few.

The four 180g releases are only sold in a box set and thru and and are limited to 3000 sets.
Indeed, slated for Dec 1st release is the 180 gr 4LP box. This info was from Because Sound Matters, $150.00. So it's either $23.oo for the 140gr vinyl individually, or you pay $37.50 X 4LP's for the box. I wonder if the 180gr will be released individually. Thanks for the info.
I went for the Neil: Everybody Knows this is Nowwhere, and the new David Crosby pressed at Pallas also. I think the David Crosby is a safe bet, as the Classic had a bunch of
positive reviews/feedback. I think the original recording was just very good on this one. Hopefully the Neil: EKTIN will be worth price of admission. I guess it can't be much better than the original tapes were, so hopefully they were good.
Just got the 180gm box set and cleaned them tonight. I plan to play them all in the am. Hoping they live up to the hype. This is good stuff. I hope they are considering a second series comprised of On the Beach, Comes a Time, Tonight's the Night, and Zuma.
My 180gm box is number 212. The packaging is all first rate as others have remarked(esp. Harvest in the textured cover). The discs ship outside the covers and had obviously never been in them as the covers were all a little hard to even open at first. All the discs look pristine and are extremely flat. The only exception, After the Gold Rush has a small chip on the outer edge that has no effect on play.
I've played through them all and the vinyl is all extremely quiet. The only exception, brief right channel breakup at the end of side two of Harvest. The sound is extremely hard to fault. There is great midrange presence and the highs are detailed but never seem to get aggressive. The only minor complaint I have is that the bass is a little fat and "thunky" at times. I have an early(1973) German pressing of EKTIN which has been my reference. I directly compared it to this pressing and the bass just has a little more definition yet remains warm. Otherwise, this reissue compares very well and is more quiet.
Overall, Chris Bellman did a great job on this box in my opinion. I would probably rate it above his Greatest Hits effort but not quite in the same league as Massey Hall. I don't see how any Neil Young fan wouldn't be thrilled and find it well worth the price. I really hope they do a second set of four discs because some of my favorites from this catalogue are not included here. I won't hesitate to buy the next set if it ever materializes.
The David Crosby is a winner IMHO. Great music, and sound. It was different than CSN, but I still heard the influence. Artists on the album included Joni Mitchel, Graham Nash, and many Grateful Dead members. Just after enjoying the album, I put on a side of the CSN s/t Classic reissue. Such great music, but it sounded a bit flat in comparison to the David Crosby solo LP. The Classic was nice and quiet, so not to knock Classic. I think this may just be one of those you can't polish a turd circumstances. I am looking forward to hearing the Neil Young EKTIN.
My review of the Rhino 180 gram Crosby, Stills & Nash vinyl is now up at Myvinylreview. There is so much more bass on this reissue, that it sounds like the engineer for the original 1841 Broadway issue must have definitely rolled off the bass during mastering (this new version is like an RL Zep II compared to the original). Read the full review here:
Thanks for the link to your review 51nocaster, certainly sounds like a great job done by Rhino on this one. I listened to the Neil Young: Everybody Knows this is Nowhere last night. Overall, I was really impressed by it. I thought it leaned toward a fuller sound, w/ great detail. The 140 Gram vinyl as Jaybo said, was quiet. This and the David Crosby were nice purchases for me. I would give the Crosby an 8.5/10 for sound, and the Neil a 7.5/10. The CSN on classic maybe a 6.5/10. You know, the s/t couch album. Those are my review ratings for this month. Stay tuned for my CDP setup DVD, where in part 1, I will demonstrate opening the drawer. Seriously though, I hope to see more threads like this one, where we can share our thoughts on new Vinyl. After all, we are paying a premium for it, so it would be cool to hear more about it.