Let's Help Bootstrap Young Audiophiles

I backed into this idea this week and thought possibly we can get something started to extend our hobby to the next generation(s).  I was cleaning up my rather large box of mildly used cables and listed a few elsewhere for sale.  One of the cables when sold the buyer realized he was within an hour's drive so elected to stop by and pick up in person.  When he arrived I was excited to see he was young man enrolled in a local college.  We talked for a few minutes and he explained the system he was trying to put together on a shoestring budget.  Long story short I ended up just giving him the cables and his reaction was like I had given him a million bucks.  We have touched base a couple times via email & phone since and he is bouncing lots of actually very good questions off me.  Last weekend he and a few friends came over for a listening session and we have a great time and they started talking about forming an audio club on campus.

So... my ask is if given the chance help bootstrap young budding audiophiles.  It appears that a 2nd hand pair of $100 dollar interconnects for free can make a shockingly good impact on them and their friends.  To date I have pretty much given away most of my "extra" cables of all types, a few tubes, etc. and to the group.  Come on everyone get in on the good karma AND fun of bootstrapping the next generation! 
There is already another thread where a member here is helping out a youngin' with the promise of financial support if he builds a kit.
I think it is a terrific idea to help newer audiophiles, both in terms of providing equipment or records, or general advice regarding system building. 
It is what my people would call a "mitzvah." (not that I'm very religious). but doing good always has its own rewards for personal satisfaction, if nothing else. 
 I have brought several acquaintances from work into this hobby via ear buds/headphones..Seeing them at work with cheapo Skullcandy or Beats I get them to have a listen to my RHA "MA650i"BT IEM's & that's all it takes..
Great inspiring story. @tinear123!

Yes, the world would benefit from Big Brothers for audio. Mensches doing hifi mitzvahs!

Part of the equation is education that it doesn't have to be hard to get started in the hobby. Here's a quick fun vid my daughter made after I bought her a Rega table for her birthday to make the point...