Network player with Chromecast built in?

I know the Cambridge Audio CXN has it. Any others? I like being able to send music from Chrome. I have a Chromecast Audio but that doesn't have the best sound. 
I just bought a Naim Uniti Atom which has Chromecast built in, allows use os Deezer and Soundcloud. Naim app is good.
@johnhc- what's your experience been with casting Deezer on it?  I've been reading that even Deezer admits they didn't implement it well and it has issues.   If it worked well that would be a great solution.  
@soundchasr - it and spotify take a little extra time to connect than quobuz/tidal and internet radio which is built in.  Once connected you just control from the Deezer app, all the functionality is there.  It is laggy compared to Sonos and I don't know what quality chromecast is playing but it sounds at least as good as through the Sonos which is 44/16 max.  I am trying to migrate over to qobuz but Deezer Flow and artist mix is better.