Network Streamer using Wifi connected to a MHDT Orchid

I am tired of all the commercials with Pandora, YouTube, and Spotify and am looking to subscribing with Qobuz.  And, making that final step of getting away from streaming from a laptop.

At this time, I do not have an option to hard wire anything for online streaming and must rely on a wifi connection.  I am hoping for recommendations on new or used (high-tier) options with wifi capabilities to run a network streamer for online streaming and store files to connect to my MHDT Orchid.  At this time, I am happy with my Orchid using a 6922 adaptor and a Mazda 6922 tube.  I came across an old guitar tech. who knows how to change out caps.  So, I might go down that rabbit hole with the Orchid, as well...  Also, what interconnect would you recommend to use between the streamer and DAC?    Thanks!

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Get a wall wart wifi extender. Plug in next to audio system… then plug in streamer to this. I have, and know of a number of $150K systems running like this… and producing vinyl quality sound. This gets away from getting a streamer with internal WiFi. The internal ones typically do not work well anyway.


You will enjoy Qobuz and getting a real streamer. Big sound quality improvement. I recommend the best quality Aurrender streamer you can afford. I have the N100 and W20SE one at the low end and the second at the top end. Aurender only does streamers… they do them incredibly well.