New amp advices please

I am always building or rebuilding speakers and I am getting more into playing around with speakers than messing with components these days… For instance I have a pair of maggies 2.6s that I have fixed and mod along with a pair of Dennis Murphy’s 3 ways that built… However this could change next month. So I am looking for an amp in the $2000 or less range that will drive all kinds of speakers because I never know what I will have next. I have a pair Heathkits W5s (fully mod) that I like but they won’t push most of the speakers I come across. I also have a Mac 2125 that is ok (great low end) but nothing great and I really don’t like the highs on that Mac…. Right now I was thinking about Pass Labs X150 or a Mac 252 or even a Rogue mono blocks but I am worried about the watts being that its tube… One thing I listen for in an amp is good sound stage good low-end and the highs are not harsh…

Anyway I am totally lost and any thoughts or opinions would be grateful!!!

PS. I use a tube pre amp…

Have a look at Valve Audio's mono-block amplifiers (available through Music Direct). They can tolerate a wide impedance swing and has pace that most other amplifiers just cant keep up with - very fast indeed. Freq-response is extremely natural - essential for speaker building hey?
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I have a pair of Rogue M-120 Magnums driving Apogee Duetta Signatures. If you like to listen at extream levels...stay with solid state amps.

If you only listen at fairly loud levels you will love the Rogues....I like mine better than my Krell on my Apogees.

My Krell Ksa-250 was "Waaaaay" better than the first Pass 150 when I had them both on my Apogees a few years back...of course the X-150 is not the same amp.

Here's what I've found:

If you expect bass from any Di-pole type speaker to give an acoustic (in room) presentation that has the same acoustic effect as a large cone system (regardless of the size of the di-poles in use)....your going to need twice the power that the cones need.

This is a direct result of the difference between the way the two types load the room acoustically.

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Greetings, I'm currently running Channel Islands D200 monoblocks and find them unbeatable. They should drive most anything and are priced new within your spending limit.
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Most, but not all, loudspeakers are happy with an amplifier that has a fairly high damping factor (fairly low output impedance). The exceptions are typically high efficiency speakers, especially single-driver ones, whose otherwise thin bass is warmed up by a high output impedance amplifier such as an SET or OTL amp. And those can be very interesting speakers to play around with.

I don't know of any amplifiers in your price range that have a widely adjustable output impedance, but in my opinion that would be a very desirable feature for a single amplifier that would work well with a wide variety of speakers. Wolcott makes such an amp, but not near your price range.

I mention this in case you stumble across an amplifier that offers adjustable output impedance in your price range, as I think this is a feature that would serve your needs very well.

If you're running Magnepans I would stick to a high current solid state amp from Krell, Levinson, Pass Labs, Classe, Audio Research, etc. The more wattage the better; the Maggies seem to soak it up.