New AT ART and OC9 cartridges

Has anyone tried the latest generation of ART or OC9 Audio Technica cartridges?  Just curious as to whether they are actually "new" or "redesigned" or "improved" cartridges, or whether the "new" cartridges are an AT marketing plan.  

I have used OC9's up until a few years ago.  I liked the "house sound" of those carts.       

I'm curious as well.

The newer OC9's have a thicker stylus. How that relates to SQ with the same internals(guessing) is what I'd like to know.

I went from the OC9III to 1s gen ART9. Satisfying upgrade. Maxed my financial tolerance level($1K). Due for another ART9, and probably will get the XA.

ART series changed a lot over the time, if you will look at the cantilever/stylus assembly on the latest you will realize it’s completely different, not AT’s unique anymore. On older ART series there was a Gold-Plated Boron cantilever. New cantilever/stylus assembly is just what you can see on other cartridges from some other manufacturers. I think they are trying to make it cheaper in production.

I enjoyed ART-2000 series, a limited edition model from the past, made 21 years ago. Even if the ART and OC9 share the same design, the ART series is different and always step up (with some special features).

Can you expand on "big winners" a bit so that there is some substance on which to build an opinion?  Maybe a list of equipment used for your evaluation?  Setup?  Evaluation criteria?  (Tonal balance, details, image, soundstage, dynamics, quietness / black background, transparency, other as applicable)