New Battery for Teres?

Hi Folks:
The battery for the motor of my Teres 255 is now dead, and am interested in learning where I can get a new one and any particular spec/model I should get - are they generally available in hardware stores etc? Can one of you Teres owners advise? (sorry if this is a dumb question - I've very little experience with batteries beond the AA or AAA type ;-)

Chris Brady (Teres) recommends buying the following from

PS-12120 Power-Sonic 12 Volt 12.0 Amp hour $25.95
Hi John...did the battery just up and die or did it give you any indications it would not hold a charge? Hold long did you have the battary? The reason I am asking this is because I am thinking of buying a Teres/Gilabier or other D/C battary powered TT.
Guys, thanks for the input. All sounds good.

Rwd, the input I got from Chris at Teres was that the battery had likely died, as it wasn't running smoothly and was making some rough noises. When I plugged directly into the wall, the motor worked great though. So best theory is that the battery is simply dead, which is no biggie - easy to get up and running again. I had the battery for somewhere between 1.5years and 2 years. Good luck with next steps on the Teres/Galibier purchase.
The correct battery for a 255 is 12v, 7ah. The 12ah unit is for use in the battery supply used with the reference motor. The best source for a replacement is Rage Battery:

Select a PowerSonic model PS-1270 with 0.187” faston tabs (12v 7AH) or equivalent. The current price is $11.