New Beryllium drivers by Usher at CES2005

In preparation for my upcoming visit to Vegas, I was browsing through the list of exhibitors on the to compile a list of new product highlights when I came across the accouncement from Usher that they will be introducing new Beryllium drivers (tweeter & mid-range). I thought this interesting, so wanted to share.
Usher Beryllium Driver 1
Usher Beryllium Driver 2
I own a pair of Usher X-719s and am very fimilar with the talk of how the drivers are a Scanspeak copy, but now a Be tweeter? Makes me think they are going after Focal now, especially since the CP-777 of the Dancer series appears to have polyglass drivers. Just my two cents.
what do you think of the X719s
i just got a pair myself
so far have not broken in yet but all in all positive experience
Has anyone seen or demoed the Usher Beryllium (be) speakers at CES? Just curious on your impressions and feedback. Thanks in advance.
The Be Tweeter was in the top of the line model in the Compass Series.
It sounded incredibly nice, silky and present without any harshness.