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Tubed Integrated/$1500/New or Used
any thoughts on the manley stingray unitthanks 
Need a Preamp Recommendation
anyone have any experience with the consonance pre'sthanks 
Are Rotel amps and preamps any good?
funny you bring up the thiels 2.2 i originally powered the thiels 2.2s with the mc252 and was terribly disappointed...but when i tried the 1080 and subsequently upgraded to the 1090 things were considerably different. the rotel handled the very di... 
Are Rotel amps and preamps any good?
I still own a mac mc252 which is beautiful to behold but pales in comparison to my RB1090, and previously auditioned RB 1080. The preamp I use is also the 1090(forgot the letters). The 1090's offer excellent sonic performance and in my mind give u... 
Review: Marantz Marantz DV-8400 & SA-14 vs. others CD Player
i am not the expert in thisby any means but do have some reference points and have some logic behind buying this unit.the reference point is Sony SCD1 which I heard and loved. i am reluctant to buy used CD players and hence i found the SA11. since... 
Used preamps under $500 better than Audiolab 8000C
how does rc 1090 stand up? 
Looking for views on bi-amping
sorry to intrudewhat about using combination of tube and ss amps for bi-amping...with obviously different power rating...CJ60ES and Mac MC252thanks 
New Beryllium drivers by Usher at CES2005
what do you think of the X719si just got a pair myself so far have not broken in yet but all in all positive experience 
best recording of Diana Krall ?
i saw her in concert last summer and found her poorly miked and was a function of the auditorium...she does put on an awesome show and her muscical skills and musician are just phenomenali enjoy most of her albums...indeed they are a bi... 
Tube Amps
couple more questionswhy are some amps designed with multiple tubes shown perhaps 6 or 8 and why some may have just 2the other question is about shanling? and Mcintosh 275?many thanks in advancealex 
Tube Amps
Boa2thanks for the follow upi love vintage jazz...coltrane, chestnut,sandoval,billy taylor and of course krall and recently cincottii do like classical music...but not much orchestral or opera. Mainly piano and vilolinand of course i do rock every... 
Tube Amps
appreciate your insites and input...the price range of $1500-2000 would be for either used or newcurrently i run a mac mc252 on a set of ushers x719 which are 8ohm and 88db. the room size is 12x12...i am fascinated by looks mostly and cool factor.... 
McIntosh MC252 with Totem Mani2 / Sig's
I have MC252 with a C38 preamp. I used this system to run my Thiels 2.2 and found it lacking. Thiels are known to be difficult and subsequently found different amps to drive them. But right now i am using the Mac to run a pair of Ushers x719s in m... 
Review: Marantz Marantz DV-8400 & SA-14 vs. others CD Player
i have an SA11S and I love itsolidly built dynamic and authoritative...sound is warmlovely unit 
Live Hendrix
berkeley show cd is terrific...