New Cartridge for Morch DP-6, 12", Red Dot

I'm looking for suggestions. I currently have a Clearaudio Discovery which has a dynamic compliance of 15 and a mass of 8gm, so I am thinking I probably need to stay close to those numbers for the best match with the Morch.

Dear Dave: What's wrong with your 3012?. The DP-6 is a very good tonearm and is easy to match with the Discovery.

One tonearm that I like with the Discovery is the Ikeda one.

Btw, very nice audio system you own. I don't know which quality performance has the Thorens TT. What do you think about? do you think that a change in your TT could be an improvement in your quality sound reproduction ?

I understand that you want the Moerch to have a better performance, right?. The 3012 is a very good tonearm too, maybe doing something in your TT or in your Herron phono stage can help. The Herron is a very well made unit but I'm a little worried because its RIAA deviation is a little on the high side: +,- 0.2 db.

Any way, if you like the DP-6 go for it with the Red or Yellow dot and precision headshell.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I have a DP6 with 12" Red wand as well, but I don't know what the effective mass of it is. The mfr literature seems to be referring only to the 9" wand. However, my dealer says that the 12" Red is very flexible and has worked fine with every cartridge he's tried on it. My experience has been with a Benz L2 and Glider M2, Denon 103R and a Grado. All of these worked fine. I also heard a Koetsu Black today at the dealer using this setup, and it sounded excellent.

I have a Moerch 12" Blue Dot armwand; I use it with the Zyx R100H cartridge and love the combo. I believe the blue dot wand is heavier than the red dot so I am not sure if the Zyx (a very light cartridge) would work for you, but there are other Zyx models that might do.

Why not look at a Dynavector. I believe they all work to spec with the red dot arms.

Moerch also has a spec sheet on their site listing many cartridges and the appropriate arem "dot" for them. You could look through that and see if anything catches your eye.

Thank you all for your responses.

Raul: The Thorens (a well preserved, late 70's model, that had great sound), the 3012R, and the Discovery were all trashed by the moving company. I'm not talking dented, they were destroyed; along with a Dynavector 17D Karat, a Rega P-25 and its' arm, my Levinson 37 transport, and some furniture. As a result, I am the proud owner of a Teres 265 with the DP-6 arm.

Holly: I have been thinking about a Zyx (the R-1000 Airy3-SL) with the silver base, which would make the effective mass 9gm. The silver coils "should" also match well with the Bolder Nitro pnono cable I am using.

Bob: Dynavector is also in the running. I liked the sound and loved the detail of the 17D, but it is the only Dynavector I've heard and frankly the Discovery was worth the extra cost. I'll take a look at the Moerch site for more suggestions.

Again, thanks to all.

Ptmconsulting: I looked at the Moerch site for the cartridge listing, and could not find it. Do you have a link?

Dear Dave: Sorry to hear that evrything were destroyed.
Now if you are serious about music and I'm sure you are then my advice is that about the cartridge don't " beat about the bush and go directly to the Dynavector XV-1, you will be on music heaven with this cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Sorry about the misdirection. I didn't find it on the Moerch site either, but I did find it here:

Look at the link for: Moerch Arm / Cartridge fitment list

Good luck,
Thanks again for all of your suggestions. I have a "short list" of cartridges that I am exploring. However, here in Alaska the chance to hear anything first hand requires at least a plane trip to Seattle.

The ones that I am looking at (via the internet) are the Zyx Airy R-1000 3S, Shelter 90X, and two Dynavectors, the XV-1 and the TeKaitora Rua.

Any comments on the above?