New Cary DMS 700

 I have the 600 and it is a great piece. 

The 700 looks to be on the next level. Ladder dac
Wow you bit the bullet and did the upgrade - congratulations! It will be very interesting to hear your thoughts on how it compares to the 600.

Yes - the SD card is my best sounding source. I keep my highest resolution material (128/256 DSD and 192/24 352/24 PCM) on a couple of Lexar Professional 633x 1TB SDXC UHS-I cards (formatted to NTFS).

I am amazed that other manufactures don’t include SD Card capabilities, I wish Cary Audio would have included two slots.

Will you also use an upgraded power cable?
Yea I have an Audience AU 24Se power chord on the Cary. Also an EtherRegen in front of it. Sitting on Stillpoints Ultra Minis.  Everything adds up. 
+1 for the EtherRegen. I am also using a Sonore OM upstream of that with Fiber to the EtherRegen. And a BG7TBL clock for the EtherRegen ($100 well spent - see

^ .. and an Uptone LPS 1.2 for the ER .. and another LPS for the Clock ... custom Ghent power cables .... down the rabbit hole we go!
My DMS-700 continues to improve and now exceeds SQ of all sources in my system.  I've been using Tidal, NAS and USB input on the front with a Sandisk 256Gb flash drive.  The USB has best SQ.  Benzman have you found the SD to be better than USB?  I haven't tried any of the Ethernet upgrades either.  How much of an improvement do you get out of an Etheregen?