New TT, Arm and MC Cartridge

Today is my birthday. I am seventy-two today. I have been lower than the mud under a snake's belly since my wife of fifty-one years and committed lover of fifty-four years passed away last month. I am going to buy myself a present.
That present is going to be a new turntable, tonearm and MC cartridge. I probably won't buy it for another week or two. What I presently have in mind is a Clearaudio Performance DC table or perhaps the Performance DC Wood table, the Satisfy carbon or perhaps the Tracer tone arm and a Clearaudio Talisman V2 Gold MC cartridge. Part of the reason for this choice is I have had good history with the dealer who sells them.
I would love to hear from any respondents who think this is a good choice or a bad choice.

I like your attitude. As an x-ray tech I see a lot of life. One time I go in the ER to do a chest x-ray. The man says, "I am 75 years old, my childhood sweetheart and wife of 54 years just passed,so you tell me why I need to go on living." No kidding. He was serious. So we talked a while.

If you like the Clearaudio sound then it is a good choice. Simple as that.

I hope you get it, hook it up, kick back and enjoy. May you find yourself lost in the music. A lot of times being relaxed like that will take you back, and you may find yourself lost in wonderful memories of your time together. And that is all right too.
Reminds me to go hug my lovely of just 31 years. Do it ! God bless you man and my prayers for oeace grace and her smiling down on ya spinning records…
Sorry for your loss, but I think that your response is splendid.

I use the TransFi Terminator tonearm, a hybrid air bearing / mechanical pivot linear tracker. At $1000 or so it's the best value in high end - I don't think you can buy a better one for less than the price of a new car. The best thing about it is its adjustability, which is the only way to get the best out of any cartridge.

Actually, I use two of them - one on a Nottingham Analogue upgraded to Dais specification for Mono (Mayajima Zero), and a DIY air bearing monster (Koetsu Patinum).

Good luck!
The key to a successful life is learning how to have fun in spite of it and that is exactly what you are doing and I am sure your wife would be proud. 

Good choice as long as you have a good sturdy place to plant it. Stick with the Satisfy Kardan arm. I owned a Talisman V2. It is a bit on the bright side especially when new but it is an excellent tracker. It will smooth out after a few hours but will always sound a little thin. If you have high frequency hearing loss this may be an advantage. This is a good cartridge for classical and acoustic music. The cantilever hanging out in the breeze always makes me a little nervous. If you are a Rock and/or Jazz fan the Charisma is a better choice. It has the detail of a moving coil cartridge with unmatched bass and slam. This cartridge's dynamic performance is awe inspiring. It is also high output so you get a better signal to noise ratio. The cantilever is also nicely tucked away where clumsy fingers can't get to it:-)
I think you have the right idea in buying from a dealer you have a good relationship with.  Let them set it up in your home and deal with any issues that come up later.  Definitely less choices, but also less headaches if something goes wrong.  
My condolences and respect. You have the best possible attitude I can think of.

I am not familiar with the equipment you chose. When I was in the market to replace my VIP, I think the memory of the legendary Linn came to mind for me. Research showed it’s performance was of the caliber I was looking. So now, I own a Linn. I do not fiddle and have a great relationship with my audio guy who does all the fiddling. He loves it. He has taken all the classes from Linn. He comes over and sets it up. He knows exactly what it should sound like and makes sure it does.
Gentleman (and Ladies if any responded) I accept and appreciate all the condolences.  I feel sure I will get through this.  I just don't know when.
The various responses informed me and also raised important questions. 
Millercarbon wrote, " If you like the Clearaudio sound then it is a good choice. Simple as that. "  What do you mean by the "Clearaudio Sound?
"Good choice as long as you have a good sturdy place to plant it  " My turntable stand is an approximately 22" diameter section of well seasoned white oak log 15" high standing on a brick hearth also 15" high.  I believe he hearth is planted in the ground though I am not positive of that.
"The cantilever hanging out in the breeze always makes me a little nervous."WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING"  I have a serious vision deficiency. I have been  legally blind in my right eye since 1977 and in the last six years my sighted eye has twice required SOTA retina surgery to retain my vision.  In the past I have slaughtered a Stanton 681ee, Shinon Red Boron and Sumiko Blue Point Special by breaking off the stylus.  I haven't broken off a stylus in the last decade by being ultra careful, but the Clearaudio Talisman is akin to a death wish.  I suppose I got carried away by descriptions of its SQ.
Do any of you know how compatible the Audio Technica ART 9xi might be with the with the Clearaudio TT and arm(s) I've mentioned.


The eye that requires a SOTA surgery might be a sign to get the SOTA brand turntable?
Buy a reference level phono stage instead.  Keep on living and enjoying life.

@kingharold - 

Truly sorry for your loss.  I would find that devastating.  

The DC Wood and Satisfy is a nice combination.  A trusted dealer would make sure you're happy with the setup.  
in a word, Clearaudio sound is top notch. Like BBQ is good in any top notch pit place..

I think Mijo was referring to an isolation base. Not a bad idea vs. Oak but if it’s working keep it.

Work w dealer is great advice, especial if  they make house calls.

I do think a lower cost retip / repair Soundsmith cartridge might be a good call.

Best to you.


I think that they are all good choices and you should love how your rig looks and sounds but make sure you get a superior phono stage to play it all on or you will not get the magic you crave.
Sorry for your loss. Treasure the memories. You're young and there's plenty to live for. 
Your choice of gear looks good. With your sight challenge, use the cue lever!
Hello Kingharold,  really sympathize with you.  I am 73 and it s our 50th this month.
I have a midpriced Clearaudio turntable, I had the dealer put on the most expensive Clearaudio MM cartridge (I just prefer the MM sound) It is running through EAR 834p tube phono and 834 amp. Sounds beautiful.
My son - in - law who has spent $Zillions on a department store home theatre setup cannot get over my sound. So, I say go for it.
Sounds like an excellent choice. I love my Marantz TT-15S1,which is built by Clearaudio and features a MM Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge. Your choices are light years above mine, but felt it was a steal at $1,600.
Happy Birthday and best wishes moving forward.
A vision deficiency changes everything - forget what I said. I would go with the most robust system your dealer can provide and set up.

All the best.
My respect and sadness goes out to you for your loss. My wife and I have been married 40 years now and your story strongly reminds me to never take that precious angel of mine for granted.

Just a reminder to all us guys that what the Lord gives, can also be taken away by him.

Peace to you, Brother.
Origin live would be on my radar....the aurora with an onyx or silver arm, plus a Hana el or sl mc cartridge would be a nice all round package. 

Lost my wife three years ago Nov 1st, 4:32pm.  Among other things, I too used these last three years to expand my audio enjoyment.  It is amazing what saving $50K in health care costs can do for someone.  

Coincidently, I am also in the market for a new turntable.  Auditioned a Bergmann Galder last week.  After the 2nd track I was astonished at how well the turntable just got out of the way and let the music win the sonic battles.  Loved it.
Could anyone tell me about the compatibility of an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge with the Clearaudio Performance DC wood tt and Satisfy Carbon or Tracer tonearm? I would very much appreciate it.  I gave up on the Clearaudio cartridges because my vision deficiency coupled with the exposure of the stylus on those cartridges is just asking for expensive trouble.
I finally pulled the trigger. I drove down to HiFi Buys in Atlanta yesterday and bought a Clearaudio Performance DC Wood turntable with the Tracer tone arm and an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge. Naturally I will have to wait several several weeks to actually get it, but that just gives me something to look forward to. I still miss and mourn my wife nearly constantly, but life must go on.
Nice work!

Give us a report after you spin some vinyl.  I'm interested in the results, partly because that shop is local to me as well...

All the best.