New Cary DMS 700

 I have the 600 and it is a great piece. 

The 700 looks to be on the next level. Ladder dac
Yea I have an Audience AU 24Se power chord on the Cary. Also an EtherRegen in front of it. Sitting on Stillpoints Ultra Minis.  Everything adds up. 
+1 for the EtherRegen. I am also using a Sonore OM upstream of that with Fiber to the EtherRegen. And a BG7TBL clock for the EtherRegen ($100 well spent - see

^ .. and an Uptone LPS 1.2 for the ER .. and another LPS for the Clock ... custom Ghent power cables .... down the rabbit hole we go!
My DMS-700 continues to improve and now exceeds SQ of all sources in my system.  I've been using Tidal, NAS and USB input on the front with a Sandisk 256Gb flash drive.  The USB has best SQ.  Benzman have you found the SD to be better than USB?  I haven't tried any of the Ethernet upgrades either.  How much of an improvement do you get out of an Etheregen?
The EtherRegen in my system is as simple as it gets. Router > EtherRegen> SoTM dCBL-CAT7 cable > Cary DMS 600.  I think it gets me within 5% of the attached drives. Of course the attached drives have Higher resolution files than on Qobuz and Tidal so that may play a part. I have heard that with and LPS and Fiber you can actually surpass locally stored files. The weather delayed the 700 till tomorrow.  It looks so close to the 600 that I thought I could could slip it by the wife. I came clean today and feel like a new man. :)