New dac or cd player

I currently have a sony dvp-s7700. This cd player has worked very well over the years but I feel it is time to make a change in my source that I use most often. Curious as to what fellow agoner suggest concerning going with a dac and keep my sony or purchsing a new cd player (used)

The rest of my system entales a classe twenty pre, audio research d-60 amp, thiel 1.5 speakers, music hall mmf5 TT, project phone box.

I was thinking more towards a dac. I feel that the sony dvp-s7700 has a fine transport and there is no sence in paying for another. I also have a budget of about $500.

Let me know your thoughts. New-Used cd player, or separate dac from my sony.

Always appreciated.

Audio Mirror DACs are in your price range as are several others. The Audio Mirror is non-up/oversampling filterless design so if you want an upsampler you'll need to look elsewhere.