New Falcon distribution in the U.S.?

Does anyone know who will be selling the Falcon line of speakers?

I recently bought a pair of b-stock ls3/5a’s from Falcon USA which is handled by MoFi.  I wrote to MoFi with an inquiry after receiving them and they told me they are no longer going to be working with Falcon in the future.

Curious who will be picking up that line?


According to the Falcon UK website they are actively seeing new distribution and dealers in the US. States that individual customers can contact them.

Falcon had local dealers signed up by MoFi.  But, MoFi was dropped as a distributor and so were the dealers.  Falcon is currently sold direct.  I find this a bit dubious--get someone to show and market the speakers and then dump them.  

While my local dealer had the speakers, I got to hear the LS3/5a and it was very good.  There are other similar speakers, including Graham, Harbeths, and ProAc speakers that I've heard and all are very good small speakers.