New Grandinote Mach 9 Loudspeakers: Holy Grail ?!

With the RIGHT GEAR these speakers just might be the Holy Grail of Speakers ! 😃

Aries Cerat Aperio Integrated amp

Aries Cerat Helene DAC

 The music starts at 2:50 😃

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Yes Prana Distribution sells them in the USA 

Your find them in their Non-Distributed Partners in their web site

One more thing they are using Signal Project Cables in the video with the Grandinote Mach 9 speakers and Aries Cerat gear .  The Holy Grail System !!

Your holy grail may be nothing like anyone else's, but enjoy the heck out of it if you found it.

@baylinor I think if Grandinote starts using this same system at all upcoming shows there going to be a lot of blown minds out there too !😍🤩

Totally agree baylinor. Still searching for mine but it is an elusive target. Satisfied and grateful always for what I have but doesn't hurt to strive for better.

Guys I'm not connected with this speaker company in any way but I've been to a lot shows and heard a lot really good systems and also been to a lot of Live Concerts too. With these Grandinote speakers they don't have any crossover parts that keep you from hearing everything that's in the recording. On You Tube you can only hear a small taste of what the system really sounds like in person but even on You Tube these Grandinote speakers with the Aries Cerat gear and all Signal Projects cables sounds very much like Live Music ! When I save up the money this will be my last system I will ever buy. I am a believer in Crossover-Less Speakers now and I've heard a lot of them and never liked any of them at all until hearing the Grandinote Mach 9's .  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !

I’m going get the all new baby Grandinote Mach 36’s, this the new Mach 18R Monitors ! 😍🤩


Forum member @orenstein owns some $150K USA Grandinote Mach 36’s and says he has never heard better sounding speakers than his Mach 36’s !

Hello Rick2000.


Congratulations, in advance, on acquiring the Mach 18s from Grandinote.  I could not be happier with my 36's.  They were custom built for me and they sound as impressive as they look.  Mine are hooked up to a Naim Statement system.

Just out of curiosity,  where did you here them?  I'm in NY, by the way, if you are ever in the area and would like to stop by.






 Hello Mitch, I first heard the Grandinote Mach 9's at Axpona 2019 with Grandinote gear and I heard the Grandinote Mach 4's at Axpona 2022. I have not heard the Mach 18R's or Mach 36's yet. It might be awhile before I buy the Mach 18's though.


I was at the Axpona '19 show as well and spent a great deal of time in the Grandinote/Luna Cables room.  Masimilliano Magri, or Max, as his friends call him (the owner and chief engineer of Grandinote) is a great guy.  By the way, use all Luna Cables with my rig.


I know you haven't heard the 36's since I have the only pair in the world and I do not remember seeing you in my house.  LOL  I'm certain the 18's will be magnificent!

the system has since been upgraded.  The Naim 500 amp and Naim 552 preamp have been replaced by the Naim Statement system.  Also, the Linn TT has been replaced by a Kuzma Stabi XL DC w/ a 4 point 14" tonearm and a Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum cartridge.  The sound doesn't suck!

I think the Grandinote Mach 9’s sounded more like a Live Concert playing this same song compared to the Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3 HORN Speakers !😃😃

Avantgarde Acoustic Trio G3 HORN Speakers

Grandinote Mach 9’s

 Music starts at 2:50 !

They are going to review the new Grandinote Mach 18’s next Year too !😍🤩

Like shinjitsuaudio I am quite curious about how they protect the tweeters without a crossover network or at least a capacitor.

Hello @kingharold,

I spent quite a bit of time at Axpona 2024 asking (a lot of!) technical questions of the very nice guy of Namec introducing the Grandinote system (Mach 8XL speakers, Solo integrated, Sota Cosmos turntable, all connected via pure silver KimberKable cabling 😍). 

He told me that all Grandinote Mach speakers use custom full-range drivers with a "mechanical crossover" used to gently attenuate high frequencies from the drivers without using reactive components (such as inductors) while the super tweeters only use a cap to protect them from damage (but operate at very high frequencies).

For your information, the system sounded wonderful to my ears...unlimited dynamics, extremely clean and fast bass, ethereal vocals and delicate highs...I really can't imagine anything better for the hi-end system of my dreams...

If you live close to Chicago, I can warmly advice to check the Namec website and ask to have a private demo...It can truly be a sensory experience! 

Some reaction videos I found on youtube about the Grandinote rooms 😍 (both for Florida Audio Expo and Axpona 2024).



Have a good listening!