New high end speakers - will this work!?

Hi all, 

I'm looking for advice! I can get some Focal Sopra 2's or Focal Scala Utopia (version 1) but will this work?
System as follows:
- VPI SuperScoutmaster - Cartridge is a Denon DL103 with Soundsmith paratrace upgraded tip and cantilever.
- Arc Reference 3 pre-amp
- Cyrus ACA7.5 Monoblocks
- Martin Logan Clarity / Spendor S8E 
The sound I'm getting is ok but a bit dull, I think all of the components are pretty laid back. The Spendors although they have good bass sound terrible with very little trebble sparkle. The Clarities better but they lack the bass of the Spendors. 

I'm looking at some new Focal speakers as I owned some cheaper ones an age ago and really enjoyed them. What's your opinion? 

Thanks, Tim

Looking at your system I would agree that your speakers are likely the weak link...
 I started out with Dynaudio speakers long ago..The last couple months I have demo’d several highly regarded monitors in an effort to simply add a little more bottom end to my Excite X14’s ...In the end all I needed to do was move up a little in the same model line...Bottom line.You liked them then it’s a pretty good bet you’ll still like them...