New In 2021

Happy New Year!List the newest releases and re-issues on CD, Download, EP, LP, SACD, Stream or Vinyl.



Hang in there. All of the Parcel services are being crushed again this year.

Let me know when Cahoots arrives and your thoughts / impressions on the Deluxe set.


Happy Listening!

@jafant: Yeah, if uDiscover ever ships it. I received notice my copy of the Cahoots boxset had been given a shipping label on Dec.9th, and given its tracking number, 9 days ago. Street date was the 10th, so I figured it would be on its way that day. Yet here it is the 18th, and my box is still not on its way! Ri-dic-u-lous. I will never order from them again.

@slaw: It's funny---both Chrissie and Lucinda have new Dylan song albums out. I'm picking up Lucinda's on Sunday, to add to the Dylan albums I already have by Maria Muldaur and Joan Osborne.

Don't know if these were mentioned yet? 

Chrissie Hynde "Sings Bob Dylan" 

Hayes Carll "You Get it All" 

I have both on lp and they're very good!

Shannon McNally: The Waylon Sessions. All songs having been recorded by Waylon, Shannon is provided musical accompaniment in her recording of the songs by Buddy Miller, Rodney Crowell, and Jessi Colter. Though Shannon has albums dating back to 2002 (when she was 30 years old, a relatively late bloomer), I only recently discovered her (via the Charlie Sexton-produced Geronimo). A great singer with excellent taste in material and musicians. The LP is on it’s way to me.



1 month left in 2021. I wonder if any last minute surprise Release(s) will help us close out this year? Another banner year for us music lovers.


Happy Listening!

Use ordered the UMC 2cd release.  

and the 4cd + dvd issue. 

2 cd for the original 1/4 “ remaster


and the 4cd dvd for remix!


, Amazon had for 79$ 




want the Rory Gallagher 4cd debut!


BUT, it’s “remixed” which is bad!


how does a remix differ from original?


 Any Rory fans chime in, please.


I don’t like remixes, I’m an original album guy!


buy org Japan release, or the new 2021 remix,,,,??