New Jersey Audio Dealers

Anyone have any experience with GTT Audio? Thanks
Yep, They are very pleasant. I bought their "absolute" power cords from them.
Where in Jersey are you North or South? If South it's a barren wasteland. You have to go to the Philly area which doesn't have a lot I deal with one guy who is super nice and carries a variety of less expensive "high end". Quest For Sound is it's name. If you want the standard super expensive high end would have to deal with David Lewis not a fun experience usually. E-mail off line and I'll give you the low down. Up north there are a couple of serious dealers.
Northern Jersey, an a-gon member Philnyc( visit website for list of products. Great guy to deal with.
Mechans, I'm in the South Jersey area also and have to agree. There's nothing around here in the state, and not really much of a great selection in Philly when you consider the size of the city.
I've been dealing with GTT/Bill Parish for about 1&1/2 years now and have nothing but good things to say. Aside from selling top end equipment, he has been a pleasure to deal with. He has been very honest, easily accessible and very knowledgeable.
Can anyone tell me how to reach Bill Parish at Gtt audio?
I was trying to call him all day but got only answering machine. Would appreciate any help.
A dealer you must look into is Audio Connection in Verona, if you want an honest, no BS store to deal with with talented staff who have a true passion for audio give John and his crew a call....probably one of the best stores anywhere.
I'd really appreciate anyone, Davis are you reading, helping me reach Bill from Gtt. I have an unfinished business with him and he failed to response for the past week.