New Luxman Flagship Power Amplifier M-10X coming in October...

Looks beautiful. The English translation is amusing as always with Japanese products.
Thanks for sharing, from pictures the interior looks same as the 900 series
also the spec looks the same, guess most work is in the "voicing department" and the front panel cosmetics.
Looks like they downgraded the transformer, which was the appeal for the 900u.

Most of the talk was just marketing junk. They invented another word for negative feedback. I also see they listed no price. The 900u was $15,000 MSRP from 6 years ago right?

Spoke to my dealer and the new m10x has double the capacitance to address the weak bass from the m900u. MSRP is $20,000. Dealer's waitlist was over 30 orders long so it's going to be quite a wait.

I am most upset they still do not have a dedicated class A unit like the M 800a. I watch used gear here on Audiogon and other sites and see a good number of M900u’s and C900u’s for sale (as well as L 509x’s) and to me this is an unsettling sign. m800a's are almost never for sale and I think for a reason..... But the bottom line is how it is going to sound.....