New Marantz Reference, PM-10 Integrated, overpriced?

Was checking the prices of some renowned high end integrates, Esoteric, Luxman, Accuphase, the new Marantz PM-10, it’s on the same price category... overpriced component? Anyone listened? the price is justified by the performance when compared with some of the other integrated mentioned?

If your patient you can find them used for around 3K here on Audiogon. I purchased my SA-10 SACD player for $2700 and the same guy was selling his PM-10 for about the same price.

This sounds rather ridiculous.

I haven’t seen a PM-10s1 sell for less than $5000 and on average i see them for $6500 used and $8000 new from the MSRP of $9000.


Is it worth it?

Yes, Very much so. I choose the PM-10 over the Luxman and McIntosh competitive models because it was better pound-for-pound. You have to spend 50% more on brands such as Luxman, McIntosh or Jeff Rowland to match the performance of the Marantz PM-10 at $9000 no less for less! Biggest Bang for the Buck in Audiophile.