New noise from old set-up?

A couple weeks back we had a wind storm that knocked out many folks power across the midwest from "Ike" and now I have a hiss from my Sonic Frontiers SFL1 hybrid pre, I thought it was a tube so in went a Mullard to replace a Valvo, then a Sovtech to decide it wasnt a tube. When storm hit I had a friend pull all power cords (I cant being disabled) so I dont know if perhaps some wires maybe are crossed behind rack from moving plugs or is pre damaged from 2 brown downs prior to power outage, or is power just noisy now?
It isnt a ground hum as I am real familiar with that signature, its a hiss like tube rush and is not volume dependent, if pre is out of mute its there and doesnt change. I did reach behind what I could and re-serat all inter connects but now am at a loss......any ideas? Thanks

***system and room posted if needed to review.