New Pass Labs Go To

I’m very sad to see Mark close up Reno HiFi. He offered the best service out there: demo equipment, fair demo pricing, great inventory, etc.  if you dealt with them, you know what I mean.  That said, even though change is always hard to deal with, where is the new go to for Pass Labs electronics? I don’t have a local Pass dealer.  Asking for a friend…


I talked with both Mark at Reno HiFi and Moon Audio, in the end Mark seemed like a friend and Moon Audio seemed like a detached business.  I of course bought from Mark.  I agree, it's too bad he couldn't find someone with his values to purchase Reno HiFi rather than shutting it down. 

Wishing you the very best Mark!



I didn’t know they were closing. Reno Will definitely be missed. Thanks for the great service you provided me many years ago and the cool car calendar you sent out afterwards.

Reno HiFi and Mark were definitely a great source of info and gear! Anyone know what Mark’s personal hifi rig consists of?

I remember reading Mark owned one of the original Threshold amps.  And my bad it was cool car calendars not Xmas cards he sent out.

Glad to read this thread tonight.  I bought many wonderful Pass Labs instruments through Mark. He really was a great person to work with and very responsive to email and calls.  Hope he enjoys his retirement!