New Pioneer DV-47Ai

I understand Pioneer is coming out with their second generation of universal players, including the successor to the moderately respected DV-47. Are any of you considering such a machine, factoring in the moderate price ($1200). Personally, I wonder if the whole thing is a wash, because I've heard SO many DVD-A and SACD discs that make me think the recording engineers just need to go back to Mutichannel School anyway. Thoughts?

I myself am more interested in the new DV 45A, which offers the same sonic innards with slightly less fancy video specs, and no FireWire like the DV 47. This model was introduced at the same time. I called my local Pioneer Elite dealer, and they said that the 45 will be available on September 1 for $499. It will play ANY format (both 2 and Multi-Channel), seems to have good DACs (at least on paper) and does a good job with movies, all for $500. Perhaps it's not the be-all end-all of high fidelity, but for my purposes and in my system (Jolida 302B/DH Labs/Mordaunt Short) I think it should fit just fine.