New player to choose

Good evening,

I would like to change my old Marantz NA8005 player and trying to maintain more or less the same tone (therefore a rather wide band on both ends, and mids not excessively pronounced) but with greater detail and soundstage and at the same time I would like it to be musical and not too analytical.

I’m not interested in streaming services but only in the ability to play flac files from a USB disk using only the remote control (without using a smartphone or tablet).

The following options come to mind which I have never listened yet:

1) Marantz SACD30n (it seems perhaps the best choice, but from a tonal point of view it could perhaps have the mids a little more highlighted than mine, but I’m not sure)
2) Marantz CD50n (from a tonal point of view it should be similar to mine, but perhaps the leap in quality is not enough)
3) Denon dnp-2000ne (interesting streamer but could be too analytical and too open on high frequencies)
4) Atoll ST300/ST200 (this is also a streamer, which in theory would be what I need, but I have no idea how it sounds compared to mine and compared to the other three)

I exclude the Eversolo because the remote control has limited functions.

I also exclude the Technics sl-g700m2 because its display is too small.

I tried the Cambridge Azur 851n, it wasn’t bad but I found it a little too analytical and furthermore there wasn’t a real leap in quality compared to mine, even if it undoubtedly sounded better.

The idea of using an external DAC also occurred to me, but for reasons of convenience I thought better of it and I prefer a single player also because I don’t have the space.

At the moment I would like to evaluate only these options.

Does anyone know these readers?

Thank you !


The holy grail: Non network play of stacked folders (like albums) via remote control. Let us know when you invent one.

Not clear, I have tried many CD plarer and streamer that easily allows you to browse folders and play files from the USB disk with remote. The first one I had was the Marantz Pearl Lite in 2010. I don’t see what the difficulty is.