NEW Power Treatment Technique

I discovered a terrific free upgrade last night, with specific regard to power treatment.

I remembered that I have an extra, unused outlet on my high-end power filtration device. So, I decided to unplug my filter from the wall outlet and plug it into, you guessed it, itself.

I was amazed at what I heard! A completely silent background -- even with the preamplifer volume control turned all the way up!

Give it a try!
WOW! I'll bet you were using those new cordless extension cords. Nobody was supposed to know about those things for another month or so but there's no holding back this group.
tho i've not tried it, i've been told it's even better to configure a snake to eat its own tail. -cfb

I have snakes, they could eat each other while feeding, but aren't dumb enough to eat their own tails!
This is only half measures: To finally have an entirely dark background I've removed the main fuse of the house. Now at last everything is quiet, I have peace of mind and this ultimate upgrade even helps to save money.
Recently I made a choice on my center channel amp. I choose the amp that drew the lesser am't of current.Your suggestions take that concept to a "world-class" status. I hate when all the brains beat me to the punch.