New preamp: need to change speaker placement?

I apologize for the cryptic title, not sure if Audiogon has a character limit. My question is, if I introduce a new component (in this case a preamp), would it affect the sound such that I would need to re-address speaker placement? I use the Master Set method for speaker placement, which primarily depends on bass resonance and tone and is a very exact placement method (down to fractions of an inch). I'm assuming (hoping, actually) that introducing a different preamp does not necessarily mean I need to re-address the speaker placement. Any users of the MS method I would be esp happy to hear from, as well as other informed insights/experiences.

Yes Tholt it may. I replaced the caps in my pre and found moving my speakers was the final step to fine tuning. The new caps were much more alive and dynamic so speaker placement fine tuning was needed.
You might have to move them, I changed some power cords, and I had to move speakers some, the center image had shifted.

I too use a masters approach to placing my speakers. I move them and then listen. I move them and listen, I move them and listen. When I like the way they sound I quit moving them and just listen.

No stinking computer program is going to tell me what sounds best..
There is, theoretically, a place in a room where speakers interface at an acoustic optimum. A computer program can help find those locations, but there are too many variables for the procedure to be absolutely perfect. Human hearing being what it is, we will want to final-tweak them to the location where our ears tell us that they sound best.

Once you find what seems, to your ears, to be the ideal location, it's probably best to do some extensive listening after each component change to allow your ears to adjust. Unless there has been a change in the acoustical environment of the room (by adding a piece of furniture, etc.), optimum speaker location really shouldn't change.
My actual experience has proved there are times when changes such as toe-in are needed as one changes a system. Again. this was a must with a capacitor change in my preamp. No way the speakers could stay exactly as they were after this change.
Yes, you may have to address speaker placement after a chnge in the system. I changed a power cord...soundstage shiifted a little. Setting up ur speakers can be a time consuming event which can prove to be well worth the effort. Good Luck!
Minkwelder makes some very good points, but you will not know if speaker placement needs to be adjusted until you try the new component. You also need to learn to trust your ears instead of someone else's idea of where your speakers sound best.
Rrog, I don't trust anyone else's ears but my own, as mine are the only ones that I can hear with. My initial question was more of a blanket statement -- does equipment change affect speaker placement? I honestly wasn't sure since my particular speaker placement method is based on bass resonance from the room. But I can see that if a component alters the bass, and the rest of the spectrum, perhaps one would need to address speaker placement. Thanks all so far for the insights. I have yet to receive the preamp yet, but it sounds like I may have to readjust the speakers, if only to find out that they were in the right place to begin with.