New Preamp...New Cables???

Bought a Hovland Preamp 100 used here on Audiogon.  Pairing it with Parasound Halo A23 Power Amp. Using Synergistic Research Alpha RCAs for past 7 or so years.

Opinions from you folks on if it's worth it to "upgrade" interconnects going to Power Amp and Digital source to Hovland Pre.

Nothing crazy, maybe 2 pair for 200 per tops... Have to draw the line somewhere I guess.  

Thank You
$200.00 tops stay with what you got as for that money can't get an upgrade.
If you can find some good used AQ Jaguars or Columbia, it will definitely be an upgrade. I've owned both the AQ's and your SR, so my comments are based on listeing experiance.
^^^^what he said - save your money.  If you get a hankering for something more or different then spend some time with the Cable Company.  in the meantime, enjoy the tunes.

No need for new ICs. Enjoy your new pre. That Hovland is sweet.



Just trying to give you a "heads up" about your amp/preamp combination. Due to measurements of the preamp, Stereophile recommends an amp with at least a 47k ohm input impedance. The input impedance of the Parasound A23 is significantly lower at 33k ohm. As stated, bass response will be lean.

I have experienced this type of amp/preamp mismatch, and using the proper amp to mate with the tube preamp made much more than a slight difference.

I was looking for a DAC...guess I'm looking for a used power amp. whose got one??
" I was looking for a DAC...guess I'm looking for a used power amp. whose got one??"

You have one. It would be foolish to get a different amp before you try the one you already have. 
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I'm going to try it.  Spoke with parasound and Mr atkinson of stereophile.   Both think I'll be fine with minor sacrifices.   
Grateful for thread help fellas.
"But am I defeating the purpose of the expensive pre by keeping halo?"

I understand why you would ask that question, and it certainly makes sense, but that type of thinking will hold you back. Its easy to go out and buy good components, and get good results. If you want a system that competes with some of the best sound availiable, then you need to build a systen, not buy good components. System matching is the most important skill you can have in audio. Not only will you get better sound, you'll spend a lot less money in the process. Instead of asking yourself if it makes sense to spend the extra money on an expensive preamp, ask yourself if the preamp has the qualities you think are important. Then you need to consider how it will match with the rest of your other components. Don't worry so much about how much it costs, because if you know what you're doing, you'll be able to find a solution.  
Been meaning to update those that were kind enough to respond. 

1 week with amp and it's working great.  The impedance issue doesn't appear to be an issue and a great learning experience so thank u.

I actually had email dialog with Hovland designer.   All is good.  However..... I had to buy phono preamp.   Figured Hovland would have covered phono but nope.  Bought Primare Phono Preamp.   So my lack of IQ cost me.

But the Hovland made my speakers disappear.   Unreal difference.   

Lost 3 pounds getting up and down to adjust volume.  Can't believe I don't have a remote.  Love this preamp.  

Getting shorter speaker cable then I'm done
papostol just seeing this thread glad you love your new preamp so much. And glad you took the sage advice above to stick with your amp and give it a listen before deciding you need a new one. And all things considered a non remote volume control will sound better, plus the great exercise! Happy listening!