New Processor

Any advice for a new pre-pro? I am replacing a Lexicon DC-1 and a TAP9000ES analog unit. I am looking at a Krell Showcase, Classe SSP30 II, and the Bryston 1.7. I have reasonably local dealers for all three, so I can hear them, but only one has my speakers (Dynaudio Contour 1.8II Audience 42W surround and Contour center.) My movie, music mix is 25% movie 75% music. Adcom 7400 amp (Next to replace). Sony SACD555ES player and Toshiba 9200 DVD are the digi sources, but I'm also have a Clearaudio Champion TT wih RB300 arm and Aurum betaS cart going through a Gram Anp for vinyl plus a tuner and VCR.

Looking for primo two channel analog performance, good surround processing and analog passthrough video switching. (Can eliminate video but would kindof like it. Can't go over 4k. Any thoughts, ruminations and assistance?
I used to own the Bryston Piece, and while I loved it I kind of got annoyed with it. I used it to watch television and everytime I changed channels it made a clicking noise as it sensed what sound format it was receiving. I don't know, maybe I was doign something wrong. The manual is a breeze to read though. I have heard great things about the Classe unit when it comes to 2 chanel sopudn quality. I never found the Brytson too lackign in that department. I woudl upgrade the amp first though. Try either the Classe amps with the Dyn speakers.
FWIW, here's my ranking on sonic and build quality respectively:

1. SP1.7
2. Classe
3. Krell

Have heard them all and find the Krell still having that distinctive sound that I don't like (a tad bright to my ears; YMMV). Classe is very nice but bland, beautifully built though and rather attractive. Krell is sexy in appearance and has an abundance of features, but it just doesn't sound very good to me. It may be your cup of tea..... you have to listen to them.

The big Krell (forgot the model #) is a far better unit, but any piece that costly with such a cheapie remote should be ashamed of itself. All in all, a real fine unit but I wouldn't abandon my Bryston for it, as Krell's sonic signature has never appealed to me.

As music seems to constitute the bulk of your listening, you will most likely find greatest long-term satisfaction with the Bryston (I certainly have).
If you can find a dealer in your area I would also check out the Sunfire Theatergrand III. It is very good on two channel.
Have you heard the Aragon Stage One, or the TAG McLaren AVR32-192? If so, how do you rate those units compared to your top 3?
Thanks for the input. I was hoping to audition today but an ice storm is keeping me in. I had a sitter lined up for the daughter and I was hoping to enjoy a self indulgent afternoon. Does anyone know why the Classe SSP30 is already on a MkII? That never gives me warm fuzzies.

Fiesta Bowl tonight... GO BUCKS!!!

(I know a win is not real likely, but I don't care!)
just thought i'd let you know that i auditioned the classe ssp 30 mk II in home and the krell showcase as well. after long deliberation i decided on the showcase. for me the sound of the showcase was more suited for my system. like you i'm 75/25 toward the two channel side. I wanted a very good preamp and for the money I feel that i got one as well as a ton of processing power, balance outs, class A preamp circuitry, component switching and the krell reputation. the reason that classe came out with a mkII was to incorporate dolby prologic II as well as more up to date decoding. that's the only reason. by the way classe is coming out with a ssp60 withing the next few weeks but i think it's price point is almost twice that of the 30

A somewhat late response to your question: in a word, no. Neither is easy to find where I live (this is all too often the case with audio). For example, I had to go to a neighboring state to audition the Sim preamp, and while it's worth the trip, I tend not to buy things at retail and some dealers won't deal. I don't think there's any Aragon dealer in this neck of the woods either.

Have heard through an informed source that Aragon is no longer making the good stuff they once did (don't flame me folks - this came from an industry insider); I know nothing about Tag. It's probably pretty good. But, IMHO, no company in the serious pre/pro game pays as much attention to serious analog sound as Bryston. Again, you may see things differently.