New Rega Planar 3 MM Cart recommendations

I recently purchased a new set up - Rega Brio amp, Rega Apollo CD and Triton 1’s (started with the the T7’s but quickly upgraded) I have an extensive CD selection but some of the things I want now are only available on Vinyl so I’m planning on getting the Planar 3. I’ve spent the past weekend reading about carts and I really want to go with a MM because the amp already has a phono channel for MM. It seems the reviews on the stock cart aren't that great so what are you suggestions for a MM around the same price as the Elys please (c.$300)


Nagaoka 150 is a bit less, an outstanding ,well made MM that sounds fine on any kind of music . Nagaoka 110 is almost as good for about 150 $ .
I have an Audio Technica AT150MLX, (current model is the AT150Sa) on my Planar 25 that sounds wonderful.  This table has had many carts and this is one of the best.

If you’re a novice to vinyl, I would go with the Rega cartridge. Here’s why - you don’t have to worry about arm height or cartridge alignment, assuming you go with the Rega 3-point mount. The Rega cartridge will sound just fine and you can concentrate on enjoying your new system, rather than thinking: Do I need spacers under the arm? Is my alignment absolutely perfect? Which alignment curve do I use? IMO, just set and forget for now. I see people so consumed by this crap that they can't enjoy their systems.  You have plenty of time to obsess about this crap in the future. My 2 cents.
Thanks Chayro....that's what I'll probably do and at this time I only own two vinyls so it's going to take me a while to build up a collection.

I'm getting it tomorrow so I'll let you know how it sounds.

For what its worth.....I own a REGA P3/24 with the RB301 tonearm and I also have owned the Nagaoka MP200, its a great sounding cartridge, warm and velvety, great tone, good dynamics, great highs, I enjoyed it a lot. I went all the way up to a Dynavector 10X5 on that table. (back in 2012 they sold for $450) This is a match made in heaven with excellent synergy with the P3. It is a high output MC cartridge that will work with your MM phono stage (most all high output MC’s will work with MM phono stages)The main reason I love MC carts is that they seem to me to have a more lively sound with better dynamics/ leading edge attaks.  Also, I highly advise you look at a Denon DL110 if you want to check out a lower cost HOMC that still swings! Stay away from the DL103 it is a low output cartridge and wont work with your phono stage.

P.S. check out groove tracer for awesome upgrades for your P3 if you ever want or need too.

Matt M
You can find what you need at
The prices are in Australian Dollars (not US$)
And if Garrott p77i is expensive for you, try Garrott K3

Garrott MM cartridges are great, i own p77 and love it. ordered the P3 today and the dealer suggested I start with the Elys cart that comes with the TT.  This is my first return to vinyl in 35 years so with my dealer I can always trade it in for a full credit in the first 12 months as long as I'm spending twice as much on the new purchase.
I'll keep you posted on the results.

Smart move.  Also smart buying your first tt from a local dealer who can assist you with questions.  BTW - a tt should not be a stress creator, which it is for so many people.  Once properly set up in your home by a competent person, it should operate flawlessly for years without need for tinkering.  Enjoy your new purchase.  All you need now is records :)
I actually thought about buying the P1 as a starter TT and he wouldn't sell it to me claiming I would be disappointed from day 1 and I would bring it back so I'm super excited.  Already purchased a few more albums.
I recently purchased a Planar 3 with the  Elys cart, after hearing the 1 and 2 before hand with the Rega carts and then the 3, I could hear the difference on each and too be honest I am happy with the sound that I have from this and with my setup. picked up the P3 today....not sure but it looks like it may have been played before.  The dealer and I both unwrapped it together and there fingermarks and hairline scratches all over the black plinth.  And then we noticed a large scratch on the cover.  I sent Rega USA an email with pictures.  Not too impressed at this point but they are just cosmetic.  I get it hooked up and noticed right away a hum even when the turntable wasn't turning.  I disconnected the left channel and it went away?  Any ideas?


Update...I disconnected the power of the TT and the hum is still there on the phono channel of the amp so now I'm wondering if it's something the Rega Brio?
Taking everything back to the store tomorrow and buy an mp3 player:)
The hum is probably not coming from the electronics of the table.  You might have a broken ground inside the arm.  Rega solders the ground wire to the inside of the arm tube.

Make sure all the headshell (armtube) wires are tight onto the pins of the cartridge.  Even though the cart was preinstalled, you never know.  Double check the left channel wire/pins since the hum went away once you disconnected it.
First of all - you should not accept a cosmetically defective product unless the dealer offers you a substantial discount.  Personally, I would not accept it at all.  I bought a demo Basis from a dealer and it was in absolutely mint condition, so you certainly should expect that from a new product.  As to the hum - the dealer should be dealing with that.  When you buy new from a dealer, part of the price is service and support.  Have the dealer fix it.  Period.  Good luck and I'm sorry your early analog experience was negative.  Hopefully your dealer will iron things out for you and you will be enjoying vinyl.  (or not)  
 ... you should not accept a cosmetically defective product unless the dealer offers you a substantial discount. Personally, I would not accept it at all ...  As to the hum - the dealer should be dealing with that. When you buy new from a dealer, part of the price is service and support. Have the dealer fix it. Period.
That's good advice. Regarding the cosmetic defects, I wouldn't deal with Rega directly on that - let the dealer manage it. 

OK....the hum is fixed.  Turns out I purchased this rack to house my albums and there a shelf right below the top when the turntable is and as soon as I moved the amp away from the shelf it went away.  Is there a way t insulate the TT from the amp so I don't have to move it?  I also noticed if I lifted the TT up about 6 inches, the hum went away.  As far as the blemishes I already got a response from Rega at 8pm last night and they said they will take care of it.
So to get rid of the hum I had to move the amp away from the rack and put it on another unit and I decided I couldn't live with that so returned the Rega P3 today for a full refund and purchased the Technics SL1210GR with a Mofi!  Of course I dropped another $1300 but def. worth it.  Anyone else got this TT?