New terrastone footers and plinth for VPI classic1

I purchased some new footers for my VPI classic 1 along with a custom terrastone plinth to set my turntable on. In short, I am in awe at the improvement. I stayed up listening to side after side last night untill the wee hours of the morning. I woke up this morning and am listening as I write this. I just can't get enough of it. I have listened to several hours of music with these products installed so I feel safe making comments on what I am hearing.

I first ordered some brass bearpaw footers from Dan at edensound. They did make a nice improvement to the sound of my system. I was happy with them but, I was having a low level feedback issue and the brass bearpaws made it more pronounced. I could only listen at just below my normal listening level before the feedback became an issue. I did have to return the bearpaws to Dan but, it became clear to me that day that a rigid footer under the VPI table was the only way to go. I talked to Dan and he suggested the terrastone footers and plinth as this would do a better job of isolation and rejecting low level vibrations. For those not familiar with the product, terrastone is a dense, rigid isolation polymer. These footers are threaded for VPI tables so the switch was simple.

Now enter the terrastone plinth and footers. After several hours listening, I am very impressed and pleased with what I am hearing. The highs are more clearly defined. The bass is deeper and has more punch while remaining tight. This was very obvious from the first moment I put the stylus on the record. What surprised me the most was the change to the midband. It didn't jump out to me as immediately as the improvement in the bass and highs. But after more listening, The midband is definitely more refined and has a new level of clarity. I am hearing small things that I missed before. Now I can't quit listening to see what I missed earlier. It has made an overall improvement in detail and resolution across the board.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the bearpaws and they did sound good but, I am blown away by what I am hearing now. The combination of the terrastone plinth and footers have a WOW! factor that I didn't get with the brass bearpaws. I am fully pleased with this purchase and real world audible improvements that have been made. These footers and plinth have made the biggest improvement to the sound of my VPI table of any tweaks I have tried. New interconnects, power cord, you name it. These footers and plinth have made the biggest impact for me in my system. I personally wouldn't have believed that just a change in the footer could alter the sound in such a positive way as much as it has. It is a definite improvement across the board. A rigid footer under the VPI line of tables is a must have for me. I personally think the semi-suspended stock VPI footer is somewhat detrimental to the sound. You really must try a rigid footer under your VPI table and I highly recommend the products from Dan at edensound. I know this sounds like a sales pitch. I am just really enthused about my end results and wanted to share my experiences with you guys. Dan was courteous and helpful to me. He is easy to talk to and deal with. I would recommend doing business with him.

Andy Price
Thanks for your review, I have a Classic 3 and I've been wondering about isolation. For example, I was thinking of an isolation platform like Minus K, which isolate the table from environmental vibrations. I wonder how an isolation platform compares to Terrastone plinth and footers, reading their website they do say the following in FAQs "preventing entry structure-borne vibration and helping attenuate internally generated mechanical energy as well."
I am with you on the Terrastones. I put them under my preamp, its separate power supply, the CD player...and they all sound better Three cheers for Dan
I purchased these terrastone products based partly on your success stories stringreen. I read several post about bearpaws vs terrastone. Now that I have had a few more days to listen, the terrastone clearly outperforms the brass footer. The brass bearpaw is a nice upgrade and does make a good improvement. The terrastone footer is a jump ahead of the brass bearpaws though. Both of them are very nice products and I would definitely recommend the brass bearpaw over the stock VPI footers. Then again, if you can spare the extra cash, the terrastone footers are a nice step up.
I am also going to get some small terrastone footers to put under my tube phono as well when funds allow. I just spent all I will allow myself this month on this set of footers and plinth for my table.

Just a comment about the Terrastone plinth with another turntable- the Raven One. I ordered one from Dan a year or so ago, on Jeff Catalano's recommendation.

Note that I committed the cardinal audiophile sin of changing more than one variable at a time in that I also remounted the Raven on a dedicated and more rigid stand.

All my front end is well isolated from the rest of my listening room and my Raven has the original( and somewhat compliant) Stillpoint feet, so I was not expecting big changes. Even so I believe I have gained a clearer midrange and more open treble. The Terrastone material is stiff and quite well damped.

I have no experience with the Terrastone footers.

Dan was easy to deal with and responsive to my particular needs.

Captain winters,

As you can tell, I am very satisfied with my purchase. These footers are great for VPI turntables. I will tell you they are different than the footers pictured on the site. Dan has not put a picture of the VPI specific footer on his website yet. I would be glad to send you some pictures of my setup. Dan has a good return policy. These footers for the VPI table is a stock item for Dan so, you can send them back if you don't like them. I wouldn't expect you would be sending them back after you get to listen to how they improve the sound.
In addition to all the Terrastones I have in place, I also have Bearpaws under the turntable. If I put them under the turntable...... Can it be that too much of a good thing is too much?
I recently purchased the Terracone footers for my Super Scoutmaster. These are the ones that are a combination of Terrastone and brass. These footers are a huge improvement over the VPI feet.

Dan from Edensound also sent me an additional set of footers to try out that are completely made of Terrastone with a round bearing on the bottom.

I liked the combination of brass and Terrastone better with the Terracone footers. I also liked the easy leveling capabilities of Terracones better. I can email photos of both to anyone interested.

I am very interested in the Terrastone plinth. I'd like to see photos if anyone can email. I have been wanting to replace the maple cutting board I have been using. My email address is:

Thanks Tom
What did you have under your Classic prior to using the terrastone plinth? Did you ever try a maple block? I did replace the stock feet with the Edensound Bearpaws, which worked out great, but I also have my Classic on a 3-inch maple block. I wonder whether replacing the Bearpaws with the terrastone footers would render an improvement, and then whether the terrastone plinth would make sense in conjunction with the maple block.
Please email me a few pics of your Terracone footers to I'd also like to see a pic of the Terrastone plinth, if Andy can take a picture of it. Thanks.
I also put terra stone footers under my Superscoutmaster.They are the brass adjustable/terra stones.As stated above,a huge step up from the vpi cones and leveling of the TT is so easy now.

Dan is great to deal with.
After reading some great accolades on Audiogon about Eden Sound, I called up Dan about his products. I started out getting the Terracones for my front speakers (Tylers). I was skeptical on what kind of results I would achieve. Even though I have seen and heard the positive results by tweaking and upgrading interconnects, speaker cables, power cords, counter weights,etc, I was still holding my breath. What I heard was stunning. What an upgrade. I then purchased Terracones to place under my center channel speaker. More of the same. Next I went for the Terracones for my Scoutmaster. I told Dan I was skeptical again. How could I get superior results than my Scoutmaster's HRX mini feet. Well once again I was blown away. Then I went all out. I purchased Terracones for my subwoofer. The output was greater and the sound cleaner. I purchased Terrastones for my all my components. What an upgrade !! I now own 50 Terracones and Terrastones. Dan has an unbelievable product for sale. It is absolute must for everyone. I think it behooves speaker and electronic companies to use his products as standard equipment.
I also have the terrastone footers that have the adjustable brass feet. Mine are not the type pictured on the edensound website with the white bearing on top. I do have some pictures that dan sent me. I would be glad to send those on to anyone who wants to see them. There is also pictures of the terrastone plinth on the part time audiophile website. Do a google search for terrastone platform on google and the link to the page should be the third or fourth result. I am still very happy with the improvement these footers and platform have made. Well worth the price in IMO.
Can you tell me how thick the terra stone plinth is.I don't see that imfo on Dans site.I have a problem leveling my superscoutmaster with the ginko platform underneath as the platform shifts with every adjustment.

I was thinking on going to something different.Perhaps the terra stone plinth would work better than a Symposium ultra shelf.Any thoughts?
I have no experience with the symposium shelf. The standard terrastone platform like I have is 1" thick. It then has adjustabble brass points that add another 3/4" to the overall height to make it 1-3/4" overall. The platform material itself is 1" thick. The terrastone footers for VPI tables are also adjustable. Therefore you have two different ways to level your table. Once the adjustments have been made, the platform and footers have locknuts that won't allow it to move afterwards. I got my platform completely leveled first and then I made fine adjustments with the leveling feature of the footers. I then tightened the locknuts and it hasn't moved since. It is very practical and works very well.