New (to me) Gallo Ref 3.1 !!!

Fortunate to acquire a mint pair of Ref 3.1 (thanks Mike!).  They came up locally and I had to jump on it.  (Foregoing using the rest my audio budget for a new dac!)  I have been very interested in them since hearing at a dealer 10yrs ago or so.  Initial impressions in my room are quite positive.  But, can't say yet that I like them better than my old Snell Type D for sure.  Like any new component it will take a while to feel them out.

They are, of course, different.  So far, bass a bit more extended and punchy.  No bass amp hooked up as of yet.  The Hsu sub I recently purchased doing a nice job.  Although, if these had come up for sale a few days earlier I probably would not have bought the Hsu.  

More air in the top end.  Very smooth, not a hint of harshness or sibilance yet.  I would say just slightly more detail overall.  Imaging is very nice with good instrument separation and center image.  Soundstage wider but lower (as has been noted on just about every review).  Thinking of putting them up on some solid low stands/slabs. 

The midrange is a step up.  These speakers make me want to listen to vocals, horns, strings.  Although, there is a certain 'hollowness'/'boxiness'?  at times, especially with drum beats - snare and toms.  Not bad, but will take a little getting used to I think.  Maybe the room or setup?  Still have to mess around with placement.   

Where these really shine is the output.  They play loud with very little distortion.  Definitely as loud as I need!  The Type D get loud but do start to break up just a touch at high volumes with some recordings.  Right now Rush Cygnus x-1 is cranking and putting a smile on my face! 

I've been looking around for quite a while at speakers in the sub $2k range that will best the old Snells.  I might have found them, we'll see.  Any tips/comments from Gallo owners welcome.  I have, of course, read just about everything there is to read on the net already.  But, always looking for productive discussion. 

Good stuff!