new to the family....

just to talk out loud to the crowd:

new family members:

Manger P1 passive loudspeakers 

Shunyata Delta IC’s and speaker wire

Marantz SA-10 CD player 

GE JAN 5670 tubes and adapters for my First Sound pre amplifier 

joining my Pass Labs X250.8 stereo amplifier, JL Audio e110 sub woofer, and Cobra Ztron ICs

all within the last couple months, some initial impressions with nothing fully broken in...a list of adjectives (‘quite happy’ as a prequalifier)

seductive, excellent detail without grain or edge, smile inducing, fluid, spacious, lovely sounding, musical, dead quiet background, great low to mid level precision, supple and dynamic 

pianos sounds like pianos, trumpets sound like trumpets, fiddles sound like fiddles, vocals are arrestingly clear and true, drums are snappy and dynamic, double bass is ‘woody’ and authoritative, instruments are all clearly defined 

soundstage is ample, maybe not as deep as with my SF Oly 3’s, but equally wide - notes are a slight bit more defined vs. the SF’s but similarly musical and eminently enjoyable with a bit more ‘sparkle’ - the speakers are more alike than dissimilar, a nod to the Mangers on the high end, a nod to the Olys on soundstage depth and height 

I’ve yet to push the loudness to an extreme, which is not my norm, but I’m not expecting issues or a deterioration when/if I do; low and moderate levels are excellent sounding 

The Mangers are beautiful, rosewood real wood finish - that was the toughest decision given the sound and finish of the Olympica 3’s (which I’m keeping btw), I just wanted to try something different; the (pretty much) full range driver really intrigued me and I’m certainly not disappointed, listening satisfaction is a 10 

so, there you have it...

Mark congratulations! I've always been curious about Manger speakers and their proprietary driver but they are rare as hens teeth. Never heard one but would love to glad you're enjoying your new additions so much. Happy listening!
Keeping the old speakers, eh? Good move. If you can swing it the variety will be wonderful. Kudos!


A very nice system you own. Good to read about another SA-10 owner.

Although I am unfamiliar with your pre-amp, I know your Pass Labs power amp. I would be interested in learning more about the synergy between Shunyata IC and the Marantz SA-10.  Happy Listening!