New Transport Suggestions for Bitstream DAC

My trusty Museatex CDD transport has failed. John Wright at Museatex says he can't fix'm looking for suggestions on a new transport. I had spent over $1k on my last transport and was looking for cheap suggestions which would sound better then my current Panasonic Blu Ray player (which I'm currently using via Optical output).

I have used a Logitech Squeezebox but I was never truly satisfied, I've decided to continue onward with my dated CD collection as physical media.

Any suggestions? Can a DVD or Blu Ray drive sound good as a CD transport? My experiences to this point have led me to say no. Using a Pioneer DVD (cheap) Panasonic Blu ray and Yamaha Blu Ray (Not Cheap) player have left me very cold on using video products as an audio transport. Simply put they don't have that hmmm foundation I would call it that was found in the Museatex dedicated transport. I'm anxious to hear of any suggestions.
I highly recommend using a computer. Sounds great when setup correctly and more flexible with formats, as well as putting your digital music collection at your finger tips.

My MacMini is connected to Benchmark DAC1 via Airport Express and Toslink. I tried direct connection and also DVD player and cannot hear any difference. It might be related to high jitter rejection of Benchmark.
If it were me I would be using a computer while I looked for a really good transport. Even with a cheap DAC my antique PowerBook is a truly decent source. Trouble with it is that tweaks make a difference. Things like cables, processor settings, software. Better DACs. All that takes time, I get into it, have fun, neglect the main rig... ;o(

I like my old Esoteric better in the listening room, which is why I would still look for a great transport.
The older Sony models x707ES (not the ESD), x303 mate well with the Bitstream also the CEC TL-2X, etc. You would also want to change out the clocks and power suppy in them to current standards.

Happy Listening.
I am having good look with a Pioneer PD-65. Uses stable platter mechanism. Audio Alchemy DTI pro in line with the signal to clean up jitter and then on to dac.
What do you guys think of older Laserdisc players as transports? I have a CLD703, can't hook it up right now but any thoughts if you think it would be better then a Blu Ray player?