new Triode Wire Labs rave review at StereoTimes

Another rave review. Congrats on a great product at an affordable price.
I upgraded 3 of my 8's. They trounced the originals. I can't rave enough about Pete's cords. Auditionable and affordable. That's what I call a worthy business model.
Thank you Pete!
I agree with Bander. I wasn't a huge fan of the originals, but have outfitted all but a single component in my current rig with his cords. REALLY good value and a great guy behind the product.
My 2 cents: if the selling point of this cable is the Litz braiding as the review seems to imply -- it might as well have none.

This helps for the skin effect, which is non-existent as 60Hz. But worse, the power cable only carries one frequency, so it makes a Litz braiding quite useless. The idea is, when you send a multiplexed signal (that is, many frequencies together), the skin effect makes the resistance of the cable be larger for higher frequencies. In effect, it tones down the higher frequency (think of it as a low pass filter). Now if you have 1 frequency, it seriously does not matter, just increase the power at the input if you can.

To rephrase, the review is correct when saying that Litz increases the bandwith. But here, we have a signal (power signal) with a bandwith of zero!

So why would one want this cable -- that is, for rational reasons?
The Litz braiding is one of the noise reduction techniques utilized in the cord... plain & simple.

Many high-end audiophile power cord manufacturers use Litz construction in their design...

It is not a new technology... about as new as the Triode tube!
Because in direct comparison with many other cables in many different systems it is a clear winner time and time again (regardless of the physics or engineering process behind them).
" Because in direct comparison with many other cables in many different systems it is a clear winner time and time again (regardless of the physics or engineering process behind them). "

The problem is, when you read a scientific sounding explanation and it makes very little sense --and that is a euphemism for misleading---, it leaves you wondering why you should trust anything else about the review.

ps: where are the direct comparison with many other cables recorded?
So why would one want this cable -- that is, for rational reasons?
What is the most important reason in purchasing an audio product? How about it sounds good in YOUR system?

I have no experience with TWL but heard they offer a trial period so you got nothing to lose.
Triode Wire Labs power cords are very, very, good and compares favorably to my much more expensive cords.
Pete is a pleasure to do business with and a real good guy.
This hobby is all about believing your EARS. When you can try a product in your own home, in your own system, with a risk free trial period (the TWL policy) which lets you return it if you don't absolutely love it...NO ONE has a leg to stand on when they criticize people who have actually tried it and kept it. The reason is simple: if you haven't tried it yourself then you haven't HEARD what it will do and no matter how much you may argue about whether it should or should not be an effective product, your words are HOLLOW ...they have NO sound...they can't compete with the actual listening experience... of what the product will do.
It sort of reminds me of someone who "Knows" they will or won't really like a certain perfume being advertised on television [with all the cool looking beautiful people and exotic scenery...] while this person then tries to convince the one who actually went to the store and sampled it in person. It's a "Preposterous proposition!"
BTW: the "direct comparisons with many other cables" are recorded in the real-world actual experiences of those who have taken the time to investigate all the positive feedback being generated and have decided [as compared to the various other brands their experience has taught them]... that the TWL cables are indeed something very special and well worth pursuing. haven't actually tried Pete's generous risk free offer in your own system?
Well...the next time you see a perfume commercial you should probably run up to your set and smell the screen...
go ahead, get really close...
take a good strong whiff...
then write in some blog [of those actual perfume owners] all about why that particular scent can't possibly be any good.
Let's face it: your logic on this one?
I haven't directly compared the TWL Ten Plus with the Cardas Golden Reference, but I did own both of them at different times. What I can say is that the CGR was completely trounced by the Sablon Audio Robusto. I had the older version of the TWL at the same time as the Sablon and while the Sablon also beat it I think it was a closer race. But I have heard the new TWLs are substantially better than the older version I had, and I must say I'm very curious.

Dalig - why do you think that the power cord carries only one frequency?

That is simply not correct. .
Cfluxa,I find the Robusto to be a darker cable than the Golden Ref. The bass is also more woolly and it is slower although it has more inner detail and body. Is that what you found?