New/ used "vintasetage" system

Good day!

Tomorrow my Uniti NOVA arrives,

My questions are how well will it play with my old Focal Utopia Altos? (80 wpc)
would this be to little amp or to much speaker?
I know Focal generally run neutral to the brighter side of things

I definatly prefer a "warmer" sound witch I hear Naim generally has...
I am/ was also considering the Luxman 925se class A amp... (60 wpc)
No tubes please.

I also have a HSU VTF 12’ sub..

I need some thought on this setup.. and If I sould be trying to demo a different integrated.

I do not want to go seprtes at all
Sory about all the "I"s.. sounding like an Apple commercial...


Let us know how it works out.  

I have learned to always be very patient when changing components.  Firstly, some things take a long time to burn in and sound right.  Unless it’s tube gear, I leave my stuff on all the time and a lot of times it will sound much better after a couple of days of being on.  

I also believe that we have this aural memory that our minds will remember what a former system sounded like so that when we make a change in gear, we may not initially like it because we are predisposed to the sound of the former system.  Sometimes, this aural memory can take time to forget about what the former system sounded like, that is why I’m not quick to judge something I just inserted into my system; otherwise, it’s very easy to continue on this merry go round of changing gear, and I certainly have done my fair share of changing gear over the years…


I’m very curious to hear your comments on the Naim Uniti as I’d also like to consolidate my system too.