new vinyl in Toronto / surrounding area

Besides HMV (selection very limited), where else can I get new vinyl around Toronto?
Hmm. In most of my visits to Toronto, I'm always much more interested in hunting up used vinyl, but I'm pretty sure most if not all of these stores have both new and used selections:

Rotate This, (Queen West, west of Bathurst)
Sonic Boom (Bloor St in the Annex--mostly CDs, but now has a small vinyl section)
Neurotica (Queen West)
Vortex (Yonge & Eglington)
Around Again (Baldwin St)

There are many more places (check the phone book), but these are the ones that come to mind now. Happy hunting, and save some for me.
Aceto, Diamond Groove looks good, thanks!
And Am_dial, thank you for your list..
Since initiating this thread I found a goldmine of used (and some new), albums on Queen St,
Store is called In The Groove, just East of Jones Ave. Some of the used vinyl, close to mint, ranges from $5.00 - $8.00..unreal.
You really have to check out Applause Audio. I was there on Friday. Not the largest selection but a lot more than HMV, and he sells many new and used turntables.
Great shop to go visit, one of my must go to places anytime I go to Toronto.
Diamond Groove; I shop there in person, just let them know in advance. The store is in the country and is easy to get to, just west of Dundas/ Hamilton. Chad Hess is the owner, the man is a pleasure to deal with...Your eyes will bug out with the stock of L.P.s he has...