New Zu Mission cable

For some reason, the other thread on this subject was deleted. I wanted to hear from those who bought the new Mission cable during Zu's recent promotional period. I also would like to open up this thread to impressions of this cable once in your system.
Any ideas how these would compare with Audience Au24? Other than a large price gap, would Mission give Au24 a good contest?
Does anyone have any impressions of this cable at this point? Presumably if you bought during the promotional period and it has been burning in regularly, you have an opinion or two. This was touted as a big deal by Zu so I'm curious if it lives up to the hype in users' minds.
I've only had my Mission interconnects for about 2 weeks. I would say they are equal to, or slightly better, than the Wylde. They seem to have a little more bass authority. I could live with either the Mission or Wylde. Both are very nice sounding.
I replaced Zu Varial and Gedes with Mission from dac to pre to monos. The first thing that struck me was bass..... Lots, tight and deep, wonderful..... So much so that I had to turn the subs down. The soundstage was very small to start..... But is opening up now..... Still not the same as Varial yet tho. They were bright to start but are settling in now. I only have around 60-70 hrs on them so far. Overall I'm happy and my other cables are up for sale.

They are super thin in comparison to the others and a different set up i.e 1 cable with 2 ends instead of 2 cables as is normal! My mono amps are
close together which is lucky, if they were 1ft apart the RCAs wouldn't reach.
Used a long run Mission XLR to the subwoofer. Most noticeable is the reduction in slight ground hum I previously had. Dead quiet with Mission.