Newb needs help.

Hello all,

I've decided to invest in my first tube analog set. So far I've accumulated a jolida 202a integrated amp, pro-ject debut III for the turntable and a project tube box se for the pre-amp. Now, I need to get speakers. I was going to get Orb audio (mainly because I enjoy the way they look) but realized the jolida doesn't offer a sub out - but only a two channel. So, I guess I need to find full range speakers. I need to find some (entry level priced) full range speakers. Please offer me some suggestions.

Are the scandyna speakers any good?
I can't address your speaker question but most subs have a high-level input that would allow you to go from the speaker terminals of your amp to the sub. For several brands, that's the manufacturer's recommended way to connect, in fact. That your amp doesn't have a sub out isn't a serious limitation and shouldn't affect your choice of speakers.

If you'll search the forum you'll find several threads on how to connect that way.
Using the crossover in the sub is fine, assuming that it's a nice sub with a quality crossover. Otherwise, you are degrading the sound.

More importantly, make sure your amp can handle the speakers. Check the impedance and the efficiency. Jolida's don't have a ton of power but can sound great with fairly efficient speakers, 90db or above.

Finally, Jolida's weak point is the stock tubes. Get rid of the stock chinese tubes. You don't need to spend a fortune but $20 tubes will do wonders.
You can also use an external X-over like the Paradigm X-30 (used for $100+/-) that will let you use a sub, and not have to go to the expense and some of the compromises (design & placement) of full range speakers.
Good Listening!
Someone has just listed a pair of Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1's for sale here on a'gon. I bought a used pair of the same speaker about 3 years ago for the same price. This is a killer deal. This is the speaker for which Roy Johnson developed most of the technologies he implemented later on in the Callisto and other recent speakers. This is a truly remarkable full-range speaker and I don't think you can do better, new or used, at the asking price.

I have no affiliation with the seller.

Jump on 'em! Good luck.
ok, I contacted Orb audio asking them. They said basically:
"To connect that amp to our system, you would run wire from the tube to our subwoofer connected at Hi-Level In and then take another run of speaker wire from the sub at Hi-Level Out and connect that out to the speakers"

so, i don't think it is going to be a problem - thanks for all the input.
The (90) DB 8 ohm taps almost full range affordable and Made in USA Vandersteen 1C will provide a nice load with your tube amp.
It offers a unique box less time and phase correct design that will play wonderfully with a wide range of music.
They are an easy plug and play design adjust tilt back to preference and you will be rewarded.
Cheers Johnnyr