Newbie Question

I have a Pioneer Elite 56txi integrated amp 110 watts
driving ADS L1290 3 way tower speakers rated at 150 watts
and Omnisats for suround sound speakers
a boston acoustic center channel and a Velodyne Spl299 sub.
will an external amp like the ATi 2007 or the B & K 200.7
really make much of a difference in the sound,clarity,sound stage presence etc my system sounds prety good now.
also is it true ATI makes outlaw????
any advice would be appreciated

I have L1290's as well. These will respond quite well to upgraded amps/preamps/etc.

I use a Levinson ML-3 amplifier and Adcom GFP-750 preamp on my 1290's. An older Cal Audio Icon MkII CD player or Carver TX-11b tuner for sources. Very good sound.

Good luck!


Paul :-)
" will an external amp like the ATi 2007 or the B & K 200.7
really make much of a difference in the sound,clarity,sound stage presence etc my system sounds prety good now."

I doubt it, Your going about it the wrong way anyway. I would only add a two-channel amp for the front L+R if you think you need more power...anything more would be a waist of all those amps that are built into your receiver.

I don't know much about your gear (except for ADS L-1290's) but it would seem somewhat mix and match.

I would try to bring the speakers more in line with each other...I'm sure the mid-range is quite different on those.

I think ATI did (does) build the Outlaw amps...the Outlaws are somewhat different though in their design. By the way...the people who bring us ATI used to bring us SAE in years past if I'm not mistaken.

Not necessarily. Your Pioneer is a pretty solid component. My advice would be to try before you buy, and don't expect miracles (especially since you're already pretty satisfied with the sound).

Some of Outlaw's products are very similar to products made by other manufacturers. For example, the monoblock amp looks like an NHT without the balanced input. It wouldn't surprise me if they license designs from a number of established companies. Nothing wrong with that if they're giving good value, which they certainly are.
to Sogood51:

Thank you for the response.
THe L1290's are biamped so I need more than 2 channels. I originally had ADS bookshelfs on stands which I bought with the L1290 many year ago, but hadn't used them in years( they are pretty scuffed up) and have a different room/house and was advised upon seeing the room layout that omidirectional would be much better, so I recntly aquired the Omnisats. I have been happy with those so far. The Velodyne Sp1200 is an upgrade from an ADS MSu2 85 watt subwoofer that I also acquired with the L1290.
THe Pioneer 56txi is an upgrade from My Old Yamaha 690
as is the Pioneer Elite 47ai which is firewire connected to the RCVR. WOuld love to have matching sonus fabers all round or Martin Logans but can't justify all that money at the moment. :-(
If it sounds "pretty good right now" enjoy it while it lasts for you.
As far as bang-for-buck, bi-amping old ADS's is really overkill, and new speakers would be my first choice.
It sounds like 5.1 is what you're looking at, so first matching of timbres is important, and while I've been a fan of ADS for a long time, for the money you'll put out for the amps you mention, you can get one heck of a speaker upgrade - a whole set of PSB's (Bronze or Gold + C5 + Stratus mini rears would be very nice), Pinnacles, Paradigms, Totems or ??. For about $2k for a whole package, there are some rather nice choices, and you have a decent sub already.
Also, you mention Martin Logans - I have the complete set-up - SL3's, Cinema and Aerius i's and two Revel B15's, and the ML's they're at their best for music, theater is better with dynamic speakers.
But in any case, for around $3k you could get an 4 x Aerius + Cinema setup, which would be light years ahead of where you're at now, but the Pioneer would be sucking wind trying to power them.