Next upgrade?

Dear all,

In the pursue of the best possible sound - given a limited budget! - I am constantly thinking about the next upgrade (or mod) to my system. I’m sure I am not alone...

Right now I have the following :

- Monitor Audio Golden Reference 60 Speakers

- Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amp

- Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport

- Border Patrol SE-i DAC

I like the system a lot, but I wonder what can I do next (excluding cables or power supply). What would be the place where I can get the most improvement from an (second hand) upgrade?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!



What kind of stand or rack do you use? What are using for couplers or feet under your gear and speakers?

Hey, this is not the same as cables or power...

Seriously, I would invest here and raise the level of all your components.

my two cents:

set up the REW and find out your room characteristics, you will see where to place your budget and time.

if the spectrum looks perfect, congrats. but still you can work on subsonic bandwidth which would make the sound change you may feel.

REW room eq wizard