Next upgrade?

Dear all,

In the pursue of the best possible sound - given a limited budget! - I am constantly thinking about the next upgrade (or mod) to my system. I’m sure I am not alone...

Right now I have the following :

- Monitor Audio Golden Reference 60 Speakers

- Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amp

- Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport

- Border Patrol SE-i DAC

I like the system a lot, but I wonder what can I do next (excluding cables or power supply). What would be the place where I can get the most improvement from an (second hand) upgrade?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!



@ghdprentice  makes many good points, as usual.  I also think you have a nice system and would enjoy it for a while, while working on room acoustics, inexpensive tweaks to assist even more. Like many, I think the Prima Luna is the strongest item right now.    Enjoy!

@diezahlen ​​​​@hilde45  I assume REW calculates the digital filter to equalize the room. In my setup however I have no way to implement that. Or, how do you go about making changes to the room based on the measurements? Thanks!

REW can do many things. I use it to gauge where the frequencies are too high or missing and to gauge reflections. I don't hook it into a system as an equalizer or correction tool.