NHT Superones or Magnepan MMG W?

NHT Superones or Magnepan MMG W?


I am getting a woodstove installed where my Snell EII speakers were set-up. So now I need to purchase some smaller on-wall speakers, and have looked at NHT Superones or Magnepan MMG W. These choices will be coupled with a nice Velodyne 12 inch powered Subwoofer.

I remember liking the sound of the Superones 5 or 6 years ago. The Maggie’s have a strong following and review very well. My only concern with the Magnepan speakers is: they are power hungry and the placement seems to be somewhat critical. 80% of my listening is done wile walking around and/or doing chores – 20% watching TV.

The 5-channel source is a surprisingly nice sounding Pioneer digital receiver that puts-out 50 watts X 2 channels, or 25 watts X 5 channels.

Advice is needed. It hurts to put the Snell’s away they are wonderful sounding.
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go on line to stone audio uk and check out the sequence loudspeakers....great on wall speakers....and priced right
Super Ones are much easier to drive than Maggies. In fact your power does not have enough dampening factor to control the Maggies' panels. Better soundstage with the NHTs also.
I've ruled out the Maggie's based on the fact I don't have enough power.

How about the speaker choices of:

* NHT Superones XU.
* Snell Type M
* Snell OBX 15, QBX 20

I love the sound of the Snell EII's and want to get close to that style of warm full sound. The soft dome tweeter has a lot to do with that!