No binding post/ Amp hardwired to speaker wire. Anyone tried it

I had my Eichmann binding post break and was in the market for new post. I have cardas on other amps but always thought all that copper has to effect sonic. I have a pair of speakers hard wired to external crossover with good results. So instead of ordering new post and waiting for them, I opened up amp and hard wired straight into amp. I was hoping for improvement but did not expect such a improved sound. Much bigger improvement than going direct into crossover. With this system the speakers are connected to crossovers with spades. I hear much more in the music or recording, things fade in and out more subtle and natural. Like you can hear how the guy in recording booth mastered the recording. 
To do that you have to be able to operate a soldering iron.
Did you know there’s enough voltage in an amp to kill you even if its not plugged in?
You just voided your warranty.
Which direction did you solder?
I sure hope you used lead-free solder. Lead is carcinogenic.

Thought I would save time, go straight to the usual irrelevant posting.

Of course I think this was genius. Well done. Carry on!
The amp has been modded by Audio Reference Mods 10 or so years ago. One of the Mods was to upgrade input and signal wire  to Audio Consulting silver in a cotton sleeve by the mod company. Millercarbon warranty is over and I do understand dangers of voltage and used Cardas solder so all is well but thank you for your concerns. gdnrbob it was fairly easy just removed binding post . The internal wire was to short to exit the amp so I had to place external speaker wire inside amp and hot glued external speaker wire in place which is very stable in its place and easily removed if choose to. I used a small piece of teflon tube with heat shrink over internal wire and external speaker wire connection so no way to short anything out. I don't think Audiogon will let me post pictures. This is in a dedicated room and don't plan on moving anything so it worked for me but can understand this may not be for everyone. It does make things much clearer, faster and improved bass. The jump factor was very noticeabl and removed haze. I think it's a great tweek for free and I didn't have to buy new binding post.
I invented the binding post bypass system back in the 90s. Have been using it on my amps since then. I also hardwire directly to the xover. Scroll down the page below to see a big pic of my binding post bypass system. All connectors suck.
+1, well played Miller   :-)

They will pry my tin-lead solder from my cold, dead, and burned in too many places hands.