No Current Limiting Non System Dependent PLC?

I currently have a Hydra 4 but am looking to raise the bar in performance of my system. I have aDK Signature with Reimer Wind River GS and a Modwright Sony 999ES with all AZ cabling. My research says that practically every line conditioner is system dependent -with some who will praise a conditioner as an enhancement and others who will crticize said conditioner as a sonic detriment- comments like "decreased dynamics", "a closed-in sound," "a veiled sound." Have you found a PLC where the performance isn't system dependent. And does it work well for amplifiers? I recently learned after having the Hydra for a few years that it's good with amplifiers, at least in my current setup.
HI, I have a Hydra 8. I have everything plugged into it. My dealer told me that the more components plugged into it, the better it's performance. I have tried taking it out of my system, but I always return to the Hydra. I guess I didn't know how well it worked until I tried listening without it. I definitely prefer my system with the Hydra 8 in place.
Gutwire Maxcon

Note that the above reviews are of the Gutwire Maxcon, there is a newer version called the Maxcon2 (squared, not two.)
They also make excellent power cords, they work in combination with the filter.
The filter is passive.

The unit can be bought on line at UHF magazine. (in Canadian funds, as well.)

You might like to know that UHF uses this filter in their reference system (if you are not too familiar with UHF magazine, they are known for not recommending anything that doesn't pass their three person review panel. They will also give all the facts, good or otherwise.)
hi foster, could you provide me with the names of conditioners which "veil the sound" or "darken the sound" ? such a conditioner might be useful with bad recordings.