No on-screen display for Adcom processor

I have an Adcom GTP-860 processor connected to a Sony Wega 30" widescreen television via component video cables (the DVD source is connected to the Adcom by component video cables.) I cannot see the Adcom on-screen display (OSD) for system setup. There is an option for PAL or NTSC which may affect the OSD, but I am not sure which to select. The otherwise excellant manual has no OSD troubleshooting. Any suggestions?
NTSC is the U.S. video standard. I could be wrong but, you might want to check and see if the on-screen display needs a seperate video cable to work. I had an Onkyo that worked this way.

Many players will output the OSD only on composite output. So, even though you are using component for actual viewing, you may need to connect the composite to the Adcom, as well. Check the player's manual for that.
You NEED to use S-Video OR just the Yellow video
cable! NO processors will allow you to have an
Or more to the point, they will not be able to do it as an HDTV overlay. There just isn't the available chipset to do it in the price range. Last quote I heard on them, the chips that could do it would cost more than a Lexicon MC-12B.

I think there were some processors that could overlay the OSD via component, but they could only switch interlaced video with component, not progressive or HDTV.
Success! Thanks for the suggestions. I used an S-video cable connected to the "monitor out" on the processor with an NTSC setting. All works well. It's too bad the manual doesn't explain this simple requirement clearly.